San Diego’s Goral Construction is a leader in the high-end luxury home business.

San Diego’s Goral Construction is a leader in the high-end luxury home business.WHEN IT COMES to building high-end luxury homes San Diego, Goral Construction is in a class by itself.

“Goral Construction is and always will be a symbol of quality,” Goral President and founder Daniel Silberstein says.

Silberstein, who started as an architect, attended the University of Southern California School of Architecture along with Universidad Iberoamericana Escuela De Arquitectura in Mexico.

In 1999 Silberstein, along with his wife and three small children, emigrated from Mexico City to San Diego and established Goral Construction the next year.

“The main focus of Goral Construction has always been centered around building high-end, high-quality, one-of-a-kind single family residences,” Silberstein says.

Silberstein brings his 26 years of experience overseeing all aspects of construction projects as he leads his team of highly experienced professionals.

His team coordinates the design of the house from its inception and is known for creating beautiful homes and long-lasting personal relationships with the homeowners.

“Goral Construction is the result of a very special blend of personalities and backgrounds that together have one single purpose in mind – build the best home possible while making the process seamless and enjoyable to all involved,” Silberstein maintains.

Homes built by Goral Construction can be found in San Diego and surrounding areas such as Del Mar, Carmel Valley, La Jolla, Santa Luz, Chula Vista and Rancho Santa Fe.

Silberstein explains that he works closely with various talented architects. Together they oversee each project through its completion.

“The end-result is a unique design that caters to the homeowner’s tastes while creating an ambiance of enjoyment San Diego’s Goral Construction is a leader in the high-end luxury home business.through the process,” Silberstein says.

Best of the Best

A point of pride for Silberstein is having the highest-quality subcontractors and vendors work together as a team. This teamwork is credited for creating homes that stand out for their beauty and craftsmanship, Silberstein says.

“Goral Construction stands alone when it comes to creating new concepts, blending styles, utilizing the most up-to-date materials while maintaining a strict attention to the finest details,” Silberstein says.

The relationships between the subcontractors and Goral Construction are strong due to the fact that Silberstein has used the same subcontractors since the company’s inception.

“Goral Construction has established a high degree of trust, respect and camaraderie with all its subcontractors and vendors and together as a team, they take pride in building the highest quality product, a well thought of product, a perfectly finished product,” he says. “This is what defines a ‘Goral Construction home.’”

A Variety of Styles

Goral Construction offers a variety of design styles to fit their clients’ needs. The styles of homes include: Tuscan, Mediterranean, Spanish, Modern Elegant, Contemporary, East Coast – Nantucket, Craftsman and Adobe Ranch.

“Some of the unique features of Goral Construction’s projects range from blending styles - Spanish home with contemporary finishes - to maintaining strict authenticity of architectural styles and materials,” Silberstein says. “Goral Construction is committed to building green and maintaining a high level of energy efficiency in all of the homes it builds.”

Elegance Emerges

Silberstein admits that his favorite style is Modern Elegant.

“It is a style that is not contemporary but yet it is comprised of clean lines, straight angles and a beautiful play between mass and light,” he says.

The company offers new construction, remodeling, consulting and land development.

“Growth can be measured in many ways,” Silberstein says. “Goral Construction’s most important growth is in the way that the community has approved and admired its work.

“Goral Construction has built homes, relationships and friendships with all people involved in the process, that includes subcontractors, vendors and most importantly, home owners,” Silberstein adds.

Developing Luxury

A few years ago Silberstein purchased 15 acres of land that he turned into a gated community.

“We then proceeded to develop 13 custom home sites on two gated cul-de-sacs,” Silberstein says. “The result is a beautiful array of unique homes, each with its own style, all perched at the top of Del Mar Mesa, overlooking the valley below, golf courses, mountains and beautiful sunsets”

Silberstein’s leadership has led Goral Construction to success.

“Goral is a well-established, well-respected and admired construction company, always exuding honesty, professionalism and the highest attention to detail,” he says.

Goral Construction has established itself as a company that can not only build homes in any style while but maintain the same detail-oriented approach.

“I created Goral Construction 15 years ago and, with hard work and perseverance, I have been able to carve a niche into the high-end custom home building community maintaining a constant flow of work through the years,” Silberstein says. “I have built many beautiful homes but more importantly, I have built and maintained long-term relationships and friendships with the home owners.”