Sunroad Enterprises has a diverse portfolio that keeps it involved with a variety of building sectors.

Sunroad Enterprises has a diverse portfolio that keeps it involved with a variety of building sectors.IF YOU LIVE IN SAN DIEGO, you most likely have been inside a Sunroad Enterprises property. Between its automotive dealerships, office structures and, most recently, its multifamily residential developments, Sunroad Enterprises has made a name for itself in Southern California with its diverse portfolio.

“Sunroad’s diversity is what makes us truly unique,” says Richard Vann, executive vice president of Sunroad Enterprises and president of the real estate division. “Above all, we value quality. We want to build legacy projects with timeless design and forwardthinking technological amenities that can be enjoyed for generations to come. Our decades as a premier developer have offered us a unique, long-term perspective on creating community value.”

Founded in 1977 in San Diego, Sunroad Enterprises operates today as a diversified holding company consisting of two divisions – real estate and automotive. The company boasts a proven track record of success by using its operating skills and financial expertise to maximize value. Sunroad today specializes in building and developing class-A office space, with over 3 million square feet completed.

“The company has the ability to take projects from inception to conclusion, purchasing and effectively growing enterprises,” Vann says. “Sunroad Enterprises has been creating the finest workplaces, comfortable living spaces and exceptional entertainment venues for more than three decades.”

Sunroad Enterprises’ portfolio not only includes properties it has identified, purchased, grown or developed as real estate assets, but also the renowned and awardwinning Maderas Golf Club, Sunroad Resort Marina, world-class restaurants and over a dozen car dealerships in Southern California and Mexico. More recently, Sunroad Enterprises has entered the multifamily housing market.

Sunroad Enterprises also completed Coasterra, the sister restaurant of the awardwinning Island Prime. Located on the waterfront at the tip of Harbor Island in San Diego Bay, Coasterra will have the facilities to host events with more than 1,500 diners.

“The restaurant boasts the best views in San Diego and the latest in efficient systems and solar technology,” Vann says.

Ariva Apartments represents Sunroad Enterprises’ first foray into the multifamily housing market. The company marketed and developed 632 luxury apartments at this location, with an additional 550 apartments breaking ground in May 2015.

Ariva is part of Centrum, a 40-acre, master- planned community in the heart of San Diego. Once completed, Ariva will consist of over 1,000 apartments in the heart of the Centrum development. The company also recently announced it will be developing Centrumplace, which will ultimately consist of three class-A office towers surrounding an amenity-rich courtyard.

“Both the class-A office and the luxury apartment markets are trending to smaller, exclusive work stations and smaller Sunroad Enterprises has a diverse portfolio that keeps it involved with a variety of building quarters,” Vann says. “There is also a trend to increase the interactive areas – amenity areas in apartments, and social gathering and idea exchanging areas in the office settings. The challenge has been to incorporate these expanded areas to meet the needs of the marketplace and provide quality experiences in both segments.”

For Centrumplace, two new office towers will combine to offer a total of 583,000 rentable square feet. Each tower will be 11 levels with floor plates of 24,800 to 59,500 square feet of traditional or creative workspace. In addition to class-A business facilities, the Centrumplace campus will provide fitness and valet services as well as outdoor amenities including an amphitheater, water features and indoor and outdoor dining.

At 40 acres, the Centrum Master Plan is prises has developed. Vann says the project takes advantage of many of the company’s skill sets – office building, residential, retail and green space.

“Sunroad appreciates the context of each project and designs amenities and benefits that it can offer its users,” Vann says. “With a development as large as Centrum, however, considering context takes on a whole new meaning. Now, we are creating context.”

In order reach construction milestones and remain within budget on such a massive endeavor, Sunroad Enterprises maintains relationships with its partners and contractors.

“We find that investing in relationships with our partners and contractors makes the process go much smoother,” Vann says. “Maintaining open communication helps keep us all on track.

“There is no limit to learning and listening,” Vann adds. “By bringing in the best consultant team we can find, we are continuously improving. Ultimately, the customer makes the decision – where they want to work, live or play. We want to be their best option.”

Moving forward, Sunroad Enterprises hopes to continue to provide successful developments despite the current state of the economy. A bad market situation does not mean skimping on corporate social responsibility, according to Vann.

“Recognizing the challenges of the current environment, we take the responsibility of being a good corporate citizen to heart – whether that is as a developer, through our community involvement, or as an employer.”