Tony Giesel Construction has established a business on optimizing the building process for each customer.

Tony Giesel Construction has established a business on optimizing the building process for each customer.TONY GIESEL CONSTRUCTION is a company that delivers, literally.

When would-be homeowners decide to invest in a customized home from the Kansas company, they also can choose to have the home built on-site or delivered, fully built, to a homeowner’s dream location.

That option removes the wait time for homeowners who still are deciding exactly which setting they want to call home.

And it’s one of many ways Tony Giesel Construction works to make homebuilding easier – and better – for clients, the individuals and families who will live within the walls of his handiwork.

“With all the homes or custom-designed kitchens and baths I build, I help people through the entire process instead of sending them to subcontractors to make decisions,” owner Tony Giesel says. “I take care of each step. I work with the subcontractors and subtrades.

“That’s what it takes to build quality custom homes,” he adds. “That is my forte.”

A Solid Background

Similar to other builders who got a start working for someone else – and seeing where they can improve – Giesel started in the building industry 30 years ago. For the first five years, he was building for someone else.

“I worked for a company, building homes,” he says. “That’s where I learned. From there, I launched my own business, focused on quality, and have been busy ever since.”

In that span, the company evolved from spec building to Giesel’s niche: customizing. And homeowners are looking for more, he says.

“I would say everything has moved a step up,” he says. “There is a lot more custom work in the market. With the changing of products, there are newer and better ways to do things. Without question, everyone is looking for energy efficiency.”

Giesel Construction Today

Based in Hesston, Kansas, a suburb of Wichita, Giesel designs and engineers all his projects. The company focuses on quality over quantity, providing attention to detail and dedication to four or five homes annually, priced from around $350,000. Each one starts with a custom floor plan.

The company also performs kitchen renovations, which can include custom cabinetry, bathroom renovations and additions – all starting around $30,000.

Careful planning before construction begins help the company consistently complete projects before move-in dates, and high-quality building materials and improved processes help the company live up to its motto: “Anything worth doing is worth doing well.”

“My style is working with the customer from start to finish and taking care of the whole thing,” Giesel says. “Instead of telling them to go here and there, they have one point of contact. We are known for a quality home, inside and out.”

Finding Smarter Solutions

For the past four years, Tony Giesel Construction has been the GutterDome dealer and distributor for the state of Kansas.

GutterDome, a stainless steel system of wire mesh with a durable surface coating that adheres to American Architectural Manufacturers Association standards, is environmentally responsible, long lasting, low maintenance, scratch resistant and provides tougher performance than anything Giesel has encountered during his decades in the business, he says.

He discovered the innovative product through his relationship with a client.

“I had a customer who wanted a gutter cover,” Giesel says. “I had not found anything that really worked. The customer found Gutter-Dome online, had it installed and called and said, ‘You have to come see this.’”

Giesel was so impressed that he wanted to offer it for other clients and became an authorized dealer.

The product, which fastens directly onto the lip of most rain gutter sizes and shapes, including curved, fascia, half round, K-style and ogee, with self-drilling screws, is a long-term, no-maintenance solutionfor homeowners.

Of his years in the business and among his portfolio of work in home construction and large and small renovations, Giesel says he can’t choose a favorite project. He makes each one a source of pride for the company and makes one-on-one client interaction a priority.