R T Lincoln & Associates provides new homes, remodels and additions for all types of buyers.

R T Lincoln & Associates provides new homes, remodels and additions for all types of buyers.BETWEEN RESPONSIBLE BUILDING practices and high-quality building assemblies, R T Lincoln & Associates understands what it takes to deliver homes that buyers in the Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, market seek.

“We take a common-sense approach to building homes,” R T Lincoln & Associates states. “Our homes are accessible, durable and efficient.

For its responsible building practices, R T Lincoln & Associates joins materials and objects to interact with one another in a calculated manner to allow its homes to age gracefully over time. In terms of the company’s assemblies, R T Lincoln & Associates sticks to time-tested ones like modular panels, glass, metal, wood, stucco, concrete, brick and stone.

“We provide thorough planning and thoughtful design because we care,” the company says.

Building Up North Carolina

R T Lincoln & Associates boasts it can help homebuyers build a new home or locate land or a homebuilding lot in Chatham, Durham, Franklin, Granville, Harnett, Johnston, Lee, Moore, Orange, Person, Vance, Wake and Warren counties, which occupy metropolitan areas of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina. These counties make up what is known as North Carolina’s Research Triangle region.

“[These] counties have plenty of land and building lots, and are perfect places to build a nice home,” the company states. “Holly Springs, Chapel Hill and Cary – along with dozens of larger towns and small communities – also lie within this central portion of the state. The Triangle Region has great roads and schools, loads of green space and trails, well-run public transit systems, and world class healthcare.”

According to R T Lincoln, the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill area has a rich history dating back to the Revolutionary War and is known for sports, the arts and culture. Ranked No. 1 by Forbes magazine as the best place for business and careers, this metro area is a booming area for young professionals, according to the company.

“From our own National Hockey League Carolina Hurricanes to many college sports teams to theatre and music venues and small town festivals, there are many ways to experience the Research Triangle region,” R T Lincoln states.

When clients prefer building on their own land, R T Lincoln can help, as well.

A Universal Approach

R T Lincoln & Associates is well-versed in green building, offering expertise in minimizing costs of the lifecycle of a home for its clients. However, the company also realizes green building goes way beyond savings.

“Responsible building practice is a matter of examining goals and objectives with a view to redirecting investment and realizing value,” the company states.

Accessibility is a major component of R T Lincoln’s green building methods. The company says the design of housing and household devices must be planned to accommodate people’s varying physical abilities and the process of aging.R T Lincoln & Associates provides new homes, remodels and additions for all types of buyers.

“Universal design’s intent is to create environments that are usable by all people to the greatest extent possible without the need for adaptation,” R T Lincoln says. “Universal design results in a home that incorporates products as well as building features that, to the greatest extent possible, can be used by everyone.”

R T Lincoln emphasizes this philosophy in new construction as well as renovations and additions. Along with universal design, the company is adept at providing aging-inplace modifications for clients. Aging-inplace gives older adults the opportunity to live in their homes independently.

“Increasingly, there has been growing acceptance of the idea that people do not need to relocate as their needs change,” R T Lincoln states. “People can modify their living environments by adding supportive care services and planning new homes or remodeling their home to meet their lifecycle needs.”

Aging-in-place is one of many reasons R T Lincoln often suggests remodeling a home instead of purchasing a new one. The company lists a bevy of reasons, including:

• Adding more space;

• Upgrading cabinets, counters, appliances and fixtures;

• Creating a floor plan that better accommodates a lifestyle;

• Improving energy efficiency with new windows, doors, insulation and climate-control systems;

• Updating the exterior; and

• Increasing the resale value of a home.

“Remodeling [a] home creates an opportunity to modernize, improve comfort and functionality, increase efficiency, and reduce upkeep and maintenance costs,” R T Lincoln says. “If [homebuyers] decide to follow through on that thought, [they’ll] join millions of others who decide to remodel their homes each year. The reasons for home remodeling are as varied as the projects.