Recognizing customer service and a simplified purchasing process as its reasons for success.

Recognizing customer service and a simplified purchasing process as its reasons for success.A commitment to customer service starts from the top down at any business, and for Troy Slattery, owner of Slattery Builders, this commitment has led to his company’s status as an award winning builder in the Fort Wayne, Ind., market.

“We like being in this market because it is very strong in general and it was not hard hit by the recession,” Slattery says. “It is a strong community for business growth and both the north side and the south side of the town are comparable, so all the residents are not flocking to one particular side. It keeps the population circulating, and prevents us from running out of lots.”

Slattery builders was founded in 2000, and initially began construction projects in Ohio, 20 miles outside of Fort Wayne. Due to the greater pool of buyers, it returned to Fort Wayne early on, where it currently builds on eight housing community developments within the city.

“The county is set out really well for our industry because all of the homes are priced competitively,” Slattery says.

Slattery Builders has built its success on a guaranteed price, which includes flat pricing without staggered “upgrade” costs for most exterior and interior features. All clients begin with Slattery Builders’ Home Vision process, which starts with the client identifying their preferred architectural style, home location, home size and most desired features.

“Once we help the client discover their vision in a home, we help them reach it step-by-step,” Slattery says. “From buying the land, defining the budget and home selection, we make sure the end result is all about our clients’ style and vision.”

All of Slattery Builders’ homes are stick built on site because of the company commitment to building homes with character and integrity, made from quality materials that have been tested and proven. Slattery’s inspection systems and procedures ensure that the level of quality meets requirements through every step of the building process. In addition, the county, city or engineer conducts a number of inspections at different stages of construction, and each home must pass these inspections before construction continues.

“Our homes not only meet accepted building standards, but they meet our high standards,” Slattery says. “We use seasoned trade contractors, a comprehensive quality control program and good, old-fashioned pride in our work to assure client satisfaction.”

Slattery Builders is a true custom homebuilder and each client is assigned their own project manager who oversees all contractors and ensures all lines of communication remain open.To streamline the comm unication process for better client relations, the company uses the Builder Trend online program to track projects and collect electronic signatures.

“Photos are constantly uploaded for the buyer to review so they can stay informed even when they cannot make it to the site,” Slattery says. “This allows them to take ownership so they can share it with their friends via social media and enjoy the entire experience. It also allows them to view the same project calendar that is used internally by the contractors.”

The Builder Trend online toolbox also has a message center where clients can send messages directly to the builder or staff member. Each client has a secure online access to a webpage with all of the details of their new home.

“From online warranty claims to an online messaging system, you can easily communicate with our team 24/7 no matter if you are at home, work or even on vacation,” Slattery says.

While Slattery is proud of his client communications, it is the quality of the work that has named the company the two-time winners in multiple categories from the Parade of Homes in 2011 and 2013. In 2011 Slattery builders won first place in four of five categories and repeated the feat in 2013.

“It is an award voted on by the actual people who come to the show, not just a small panel of judges,” Slattery says. “It shows that a wide variety of actual people like us. The people remember our work and we were happy to be the recipients of these awards.”

None of the awards would have been possible without the stellar staff of Slattery Builders, which has served as the foundation for its excellent operations.

“Everybody works together well,” says Slattery. “We have an in-house architect that creates a plan and does an excellent job in developing our client ideas and thoughts for their future home. Our in-house receptionist is a valuable resource because she can meet with a buyer regarding several different issues and meet their needs immediately.”

These positions work together with the accounting, marketing and sales departments through weekly meetings and online communication.

The work of Slattery Builders isn’t done once the house is completed, as it takes pride in its warranty programs.

“Many builders fail because they hype up buyers during the purchasing experience and never return to solve the problems,” Slattery says. “We guarantee we will be there to address any issues. We allow our clients to submit their problems via the online program and a representative will be there within 24 hours to look at it.”

The company is looking towards the future as it builds upon an expanding reputation and streamlined operations for even more success.

“2014 is already projecting to be one of our best years,” Slattery says. “There is low demand of existing homes, so this is a great opportunity for new home consumption. We are working on a lot of bids now and once the cold winter snaps we will be off and running for another successful year.”