As one of Ottawa’s fastest-growing homebuilders, HN Homes builds on a legacy of excellence.

As one of Ottawa’s fastest-growing homebuilders, HN Homes builds on a legacy of excellence.WHILE SOME NEW homes can feel incomplete, HN Homes’ – named in honor of longtime Ottawa-area real estate industry leader Herb Nadolny – homes are thoughtfully customized and need little embellishment, company President George Georgaras says.

“You’re buying a home that doesn’t need anything to be added to it for it to feel comfortable,” he says. “Our homes are well-appointed in the features that come with the purchase – not only from an aesthetic perspective, but also from an energy-consciousness standpoint and a durability perspective.”

That’s part of the budding company’s reputation – homes that are built to be more energy conscious with LED bulbs throughout, higher insulation levels and all the fittings to allow homeowners to control their living environment – but so is conforming to the company namesake’s standards for customer service and top-tier expectations for superior construction. The company was founded three years ago by the Nadolny family, who elected to name the company with their patriarch’s initials. 

Winning Partnerships

HN Homes has established a creative relationship with award-winning Ottawa architect Christopher Simmonds. The firm has created a series of custom-designed homes – with a contemporary feel to suit modern families – that incorporate features found in custom homes and meet and exceed expectations of discriminating homebuyers.

“He has a language of clean, modern architecture while still respecting nature,” Georgaras says. “The homes are comfortable, with large windows As one of Ottawa’s fastest-growing homebuilders, HN Homes builds on a legacy of excellence.situated in the right places to make the indoor environment connect to the exterior. It gives a feeling that you’re connected to something bigger than the home.” HN Homes also has found success by not ignoring those inspiring exteriors.

“The backyard is so important,” he says. “It’s your private amenity space. The rear elevation is as important as the street appeal to the greater community.”

Homebuyers also are enjoying the company’s thoughtful arrangements and approach, which encourages a neighborly atmosphere.

“Many of our models incorporate porches, trying to get people to interact again,” Georgaras says. “The human side of how the house is set up is important, too.”

Design Trends

With the popularity of websites like Houzz and television shows that inspire people, Georgaras says it provides more access to good design.

In Ottawa, that means more people who can appreciate the plans and details HN Homes provides.

“You can travel to many places on an iPad or laptop and experience many different designs and aesthetics,” Georgaras says. “People are becoming more and more aware of design and can appreciate good design even more. They’re seeing the whole world of design out there.

“We’d like to think we’re adding to the collection of clean, modern, good-looking and well-built homes,” he adds.

Strong Value

While HN Homes offer luxury, the company also offers value, Georgaras says.

“Everybody who buys something wants to feel they got the best value for what they bought,” he says. “What we try to do is put together a combination of great design, great specifications and high-quality materials. We take enough time in our construction schedule to try to build as nice a home as possible, with the highest quality in the build and aesthetic of design, all with the personal choices people have selected for their homes.”

Tying all those elements together is where art, experience and customer service merge.

“It’s a trying process to make it all work,” Georgaras says. “We are striving to try to build something that’s better. It’s not just construction – it’s As one of Ottawa’s fastest-growing homebuilders, HN Homes builds on a legacy of excellence.the whole thing.”

The company also has a reputation to uphold, one that stems back to before its inception.

“Nadolny was a well-respected developer,” Georgaras says. “He and his partner Lyon Sachs were behind many of Ottawa’s suburban developments from the 1960s and on. His family has started HN Homes as a continuation of his legacy.

“It’s very important to have the stability behind the company and to be building in two of Ottawa’s desirable suburban communities,” Georgaras adds.


Currently, HN Homes is offering a style and top-tier build in communities that haven’t seen contemporary homes – built to the company’s standards – before.

The company is building in the amenity-rich communities of Bridlewood and Riverside South, both with premium lots available in areas meant to nurture families.

Finding the right developments is key, Georgaras says, but so are other important elements.

“We have a great place to build, fantastic design, and we are working with great architectural talent – a team with not just a peripheral or conceptual view of design, but a very refined design,” he says. “It all boils down to the details. [Simmonds] has a great team, and they have worked with us since the beginning.

“Take great locations, a great architect and excellent specifications – and we already have what we need for the opportunity to be successful,” he adds. “And no one is building these in these environments. We’ve been very fortunate to have a growing awareness of modern architecture and refined interior spaces in our marketplace at the same time we’re providing it. It’s distinctive, and we incorporate the uniqueness of each individual homeowner.”