The father/son duo in charge of Steorts Homebuilders LLC are experts in theWest Virginia market.

The father/son duo in charge of Steorts Homebuilders LLC are experts in theWest Virginia market.CONSIDERING THE RATE of repeat clients and the sheer number of awards it has earned, there’s no denying Steorts Homebuilders has a handle on what the West Virginia luxury custom homebuilding market desires. Despite this, Jason Steorts, coowner of Steorts Homebuilders with his father Mike Steorts, believes communication is what his namesake company does best.

“Communication helps run the job smoothly,” Steorts says. “We try to keep up with trends like software that is available and even just simple texts and emails. Any cost overruns or any problems people may have on jobs, we know what to do to rectify them.”

Steorts Homebuilders was launched in 1995, but the Steorts family’s history in the homebuilding market dates back decades before then. Steorts’ The father/son duo in charge of Steorts Homebuilders LLC are experts in theWest Virginia market.parents built houses every few years while his father worked full time as an engineer at a local chemical plant.

Steorts himself eventually left home to pursue his civil engineering degree at West Virginia Tech, but determined he missed the construction industry. He returned to Hurricane, West Virginia, in 1995 to launch the new endeavor with his father.

Today, the company builds luxury custom homes in the suburban areas between the metropolises of Charleston and Huntington, West Virginia.

Steorts Homebuilders also has pursued work in the West Virginia ski resort areas, including Timberline Resort.

Most of the homes Steorts Homebuilders delivers have price points that range between $600,000 and just over $1 million. The company is working on a home that will cost $1.6 million once completed.

“We’re primarily a custom high-end homebuilder, so we do a lot of the high-end homes in the area,” Steorts says.

Details Galore

With the advent of social media networks like Houzz and television networks like HGTV, today’s homeowners are savvier than ever about what they want in their homes. Companies like Steorts Homebuilders have had to adjust by staying on top of the latest trends as they occur, and those trends evolve faster than ever.

“Customers are really searching to personalize their homes, so we’re having to mirror and match things,” Steorts says. “It’s a challenge since the The father/son duo in charge of Steorts Homebuilders LLC are experts in theWest Virginia market.customers used to use the same materials over and over, but now they want more personalization to their house.”

Steorts Homebuilders is in a good position to cater to such demands. The company has a 1,000-square-foot workshop with master craftsmen so Steorts Homebuilders can build its own kitchen cabinets, mantles and other wood products.

“These guys can take a picture and build just about anything,” Steorts says.

To maintain consistency in quality across its homes, Steorts Homebuilders primarily relies on the same subcontractors and material suppliers on every job. Along with fair pricing, Steorts says this philosophy helps build familiarity among the various trades on any given job.

“This way, the left hand knows what the right hand is doing,” Steorts says. “We have good relationships with all of them.”

The ability to adapt and relationships with a base of select subcontractors and vendors has paid off if the number of awards Steorts Homebuilders has racked up is any indication.

The company has earned “Best of West Virginia” honors from the West Virginia Homebuilders Association; Steorts has won in one or more categories every year since 2007.

Steorts Homebuilders also has earned “Best in the Tristate” award from Charleston Mail-Gazette and as voted on by readers.The father/son duo in charge of Steorts Homebuilders LLC are experts in theWest Virginia market.

Customers First

No matter what awards and honors Steorts Homebuilders earns, Steorts says his company’s greatest achievement always will be the repeat business it earns.

“It says a lot about your business, especially if they lived in the house for a little while,” Steorts says. “When you’re building multiple houses for the same customer, it seems like you’re doing something right.”

With that in mind, Steorts intends to keep his family’s business at a manageable size that can maintain this level of client satisfaction for years to come.

“We’re going to keep doing what we’re doing and stay small,” Steorts says. “We have no intention of growing and becoming a major building company.

“We want to stay small to cater to customers individually,” Steorts adds.