Constant improvement is the secret to success for Jason Lenard, owner of Superior Development LCC.

Constant improvement is the secret to success for Jason Lenard, owner of Superior Development LCC.IN ORDER TO be a successful athlete at the highest levels of competition, an unwavering dedication to improving on the fundamentals is a requirement. Jason Lenard, a former collegiate baseball player turned owner of Superior Development LLC in Nashville, Tennessee, brings this same attitude to his business.

“We strongly believe our dedication to becoming better people and working with subcontractors and vendors alike will ultimately show up in our work,” Lenard says. “We also believe in giving the best products we possibly can for the price.”

Lenard officially joined the ranks of construction business owners in 2008, but he has worked in the industry in some capacity since early childhood. His father, Jerry, was a project manager for a track building firm during his formative years, when Lenard spent most of his weekends and summers on job sites. As he grew older, Lenard became more active on the sites, working with subcontractors and vendors.

He became especially close with a masonry subcontractor who showed Lenard the ins and outs of his craft.

After Lenard’s senior year of high school, he went away to school to play baseball on a college scholarship. During college, he worked part-time for a fenestration installer, installing windows, doors, siding and cornice, as well as performing small interior renovations.

“It was during this time that I took a real interest in construction,” Lenard says. “I was given roles and responsibilities that tested my abilities, which was very intriguing to me.”

When the economy crashed in 2008, Lenard bought out this renovation company to launch Superior Renovation Group. With the onset of the Great Recession, it wasn’t the easiest time to start a business, but Lenard and his fledgling firm managed to double its prior year’s growth every year until 2014 when the company met its capacity.

“During this early part of my career, we struggled to prove our name to our clientele as they were reluctant to continue business under a new owner,” Lenard says. “Fortunately, through integrity, desire, faith and will, we were able to maintain our business relationships and ultimately increase our growth to surpass the previous year’s margins.”

Superior had been involved in sales, service and insurance claims through 2014, when Lenard launched his second company, Superior Development LLC, as a general contractor specializing in real estate development. The new division’s growth from 2014 to 2015 was 500 percent, according to Lenard, and his 2016 projection is to grow another 400 percent.

“One of our major goals is to instill quality construction back into our building industry and give homeowners the best products for the most affordable price,” Lenard says. “Superior Development is a direct reflection of the individuals that make up our ‘work family.’”

Designs of the Times

Superior Development LLC primarily has built craftsman/bungalowstyle homes in the Nashville area since its launch in 2014. More recently, however, contemporary and modern homes have penetrated this region. Lenard says his company has accepted the changing demands, adjusting to accommodate the trend.

“Instead of being reluctant to building what the majority wants and only building what we want, we have researched and teamed with architects that have a modern vision to help us bring to life Superior Development-style modern and contemporary homes in some communities,” Lenard says. “We have also mixed craftsman-style exteriors with modern and contemporary interiors that have proven to be a success in the Nashville area.”

Superior Development’s adaptability and diversity are on display at its 34-unit development in West Nashville called Hillwood Court at Nashville West.

The project features 12 brownstones that were designed to conform with the stately features of the surrounding community. Behind these homes are 10 townhomes with rooftop terraces and 12 singlefamily, cottage-style homes with private covered parking in the back portion of the development.

“Our goal is to attract a diverse spectrum of homebuyers that want to become members of a small community family with a low-key atmosphere and still be seconds from shopping and minutes from downtown Nashville,” Lenard says. “The diversity and magnitude within this project make it very unique to our company.”

Despite the size and complexity Hillwood Court at Nashville West presents, Superior Development has relied on its operational protocols to deliver quality homes.

“No matter the size of the home, the end result we are working to achieve is a home built properly to our standards, on time and on budget,” Lenard says. “We have learned to trust in our company process, and that is taking a complex goal and breaking it down into manageable pieces.

“Once you have the manageable pieces, you can then delegate your time properly to ensure each trade is being performed each day that is needed for the next trade to happen,” Lenard adds. “This process ultimately gives you the complete goal you were looking to achieve.”

Despite Superior Development’s meteoric rise, Lenard still maintains that athlete attitude for continued improvement.

He maintains this culture throughout his company, as well, which Lenard believes will lead to more growth for Superior Development LLC.

“We constantly strive to be better people for our community,” he says. “Therefore, five years from now, I would hope our company
helped to raise a broad awareness to quality construction and its impact on the people surrounding.