Maguire Construction has been turning creative — or classic — visions into homes in New England.

Maguire Construction has been turning creative — or classic — visions into homes in New England.TO FAMILY-OWNED Maguire Construction, a design/build project is more about the relationship with the client than simply building a home or performing a renovation. though company owners and project managers enjoy the process of transforming ideas into a beautiful, custom home.

"We are usually with the client all through the design," Partner Tanner Maguire says.

Maguire is a second-generation leader at the Yarmouth, Maine-based company. The company specializes in serving high-end homeowners with design/builds or renovations, including historic renovations. "I think it's an advantage in these highend homes, that through the design process, we're developing a relationship with the client, getting to know them and their likes and dislikes," Maguire says. "We have an understanding of the structure itself by the time we have a set of construction drawings. "It makes us a lot more efficient in the field, while wefre building the house," he adds. "We feel like we already know the people."

Though Maguire Construction builds to suit any taste - the company is planning to break ground on a very contemporary style home this summer - a look at its portfolio of new homes shows a lot of New Englandfs well-loved Shingle-style architecture and heavy influences from John Calvin Stevens, the "Designer of Maine," known for his innovations to Shingle-style architecture and an influential, six-decade career.

"Those kinds of choices are coming from the client," Maguire says. "We do the whole spectrum of residential building."

His parents, Robert and Carla Maguire, started the company more than 30 years ago. The company moved into the high-end residential market in the early '90s after working in light commercial and framing.

“We’re best known as a small business that gives focused attention to each project and each client,” Maguire says. “I think that really shows in the relationships we have with customers. We are still in contact with all of our clients. Long after their project has been completed we are their first phone call if they have an issue with their home, and that’s important to us.”

Fine Cabinetry

Black Bear Woodworking and Fine Cabinetry, a division within the company, allows for quality control, consistency and greater customization for homeowners.

The cabinetry division has been part of the company all along.

“We have always done our own cabinetry and interior finishes,” Maguire says. “What we’re known for is our interior finishes and our custom cabinetry. We are micromanagers, and so I love having everything in-house. We communicate with each other all through the process. The people who are framing the walls and building the house are working with the people putting in the cabinetry and doing the interior finishes. These men feel a responsibility to do everything perfectly through each phase of construction.”

The division offers customers custom kitchens, vanities, built-ins and furniture in any design. These elements can speak to each client’s unique style, ranging from cottage, colonial, mission, contemporary or a mix of several influences.

Custom cabinetry also allows clients to take advantage of every square inch, Maguire says. This is especially efficacious in renovations — when builders work within existing conditions and constraints but need to maximize efficiency.

“There are companies out there selling semi-custom,” he says. “As far as I’m concerned, it’s either custom or it’s not custom. Our cabinetry gives you the ability to truly utilize spaces.”

Reinventing a Space

Maguire Construction can change an old home — or a historic one — into an elegant reflection of the homeowner’s tastes.

In the case of a historic building, such as a former carriage house of a prominent inn in Camden, Maine, Maguire considers the original architects’ intent, the feeling in the community and, of course, the vision of the client.

Now, inside is a luxurious living space. The exterior is resided and retrimmed with new windows and roofs but maintains its unique and memorable identity, part of local nostalgia.

“If you look at Castle Rock, that was an incredibly unique structure to begin with,” he says. “It was important to us and to the client and architect that we preserve that. It was such a landmark in town, we wanted to keep that. You don’t want to make it unrecognizable.”

Through the Process

Four project managers oversee one home build at a time and participate throughout the entire process, from design meetings to handing over the key. Tanner Maguire and his father attend initial client meetings to start the relationship with each prospective homeowner.

“We’re small and we like being small,” he says. “We give a lot more personal attention than a lot of the bigger companies. We limit ourselves to a few projects and we have tunnel vision on those.”