4Corners places community in the spotlight by increasing family friendly spaces.

4Corners places community in the spotlight by increasing family friendly spaces.When Tracy Williams and Dusty Boren first became business partners they wanted to build a company that was centered around its customers, employees and subcontractors.

“We were focused on creating a place where people wanted to come to work and get excited about what we were doing,” says Boren, co-founder of 4Corners Homes.

For Boren, it has always been about the rewarding feeling of turning over the keys to the new homeowners on closing day. It is this feeling that motivates the company’s goal to grow, a journey that has not been without its challenges.

According to Boren, one major challenge at the beginning was making a profit while controlling cost in a market where the prices of goods, services and materials consistently fluctuates. While making a profit was important to the company, it aimed to do so while still delivering a quality family home. 4Corners Homes’ success is built around a clear vision: delivering personalized homes in desirable communities.

“We are lucky enough to say that we have maintained and had stable growth every year since our first year in 2005,” Boren says. “[We have]maintained that growth, moving into other markets in and around the Oklahoma City metropolitan area with award-winning school districts, great communities and family friendly amenities.”

Currently, the company is excited about branching out into its second market, Kansas City, Mo.

“This will be our first year in operation there and we are excited to bring our company, core values and our quality home to Kansas City,” Boren says.

4Corners has been recognized among the 50 fastest growing companies in Oklahoma City for the past five years and is gaining a reputation for building not just great homes, but great communities.

“We start with the community first then we put the homes in the community,” Boren says. “We are focused around family friendly amenities and always try to give the customer more than what they expected.”

This often includes community playgrounds, swimming pools, kiddie pools, walking trails and larger home sites with extra space. Taking this specialized service one step further, the company makes sure to constantly listen to its buyers’ unique needs, even allowing personalized options. Homeowners can personalize their homes through several different selection options, including an appointment with a professional designer at the company’s design gallery.

“Whether it’s a family with small children, teenage children, or empty nesters, everyone has different needs for their homes, 4Corners places community in the spotlight by increasing family friendly spaces.and we strive to fulfill those needs,” Boren says.

Each of the company’s communities stands out for distinct reasons, whether that be an award-winning school district or larger home sites. One of 4Corners’ first master plans communities was a highly successful community named Highland Trails.

“With over 200 ½-acres, this community’s amenities include walking trails, tee ball field, swimming pool, kiddie pool and basketball court,” Boren says. “It was designed to be a family friendly community from conception.”

The community is in an award-winning school district and for a time there was an average of three children per household.

“The elementary school had to purchase its own brand new bus just to come and pick the children from the community itself,” Boren says. “It’s great to see all the kids, the bicycles and everything in [Highland Trails] and see how we truly helped build a community and not just a neighborhood.”

4Corners’ core values include innovating and improving. This means understanding the recent shift that has occurred in the housing industry, while promoting a sense of community. According to the company, homebuyers are exchanging their vision of the opulent American dream for a more modest pursuit of happiness. Community, conservation and creativity are now key elements of the modern American family’s idea of home and as a result, 4Corners incorporates this development into each of its communities. Instead of the once popular over-the-top features, the company focuses on flexible, open spaces that are energy efficient.

“By offering old fashioned porches and large natural home sites, [we] bring homeowners feelings of fellowship and relaxation, while including today’s attractive features,” the company states.

To keep improving, it employs a number of technology consultants while regularly attending trade shows to look for new advancements affecting the market.

“We are also involved in the National Association of Home Builders’ Builder 20 Club program,” Boren says.

This program is comprised of builders who meet twice a year to share their knowledge, seeking improvements in their operations and an increase in their bottom lines.

Initiatives such as this will guide the company’s future as it continues to deliver quality homes that are clean, complete, on time and on budget. As it improves, 4Corners would like to have consistent growth while staying focused on its niche market.

“We build personalized homes in desirable communities,” Boren says. “Having this focus as a team guides us into our second decade of business.”