Verity Homes brings affordable custom single family houses to buyers in North Dakota.

Verity Homes brings affordable custom single family houses to buyers in North Dakota.COUNTLESS CUSTOM homebuilders aim to serve potential homebuyers for whom money is no object. Verity Homes, on the other hand, has become one of the largest custom homebuilders in the Bismarck, North Dakota, region by catering to as many clients as possible through reasonable price points that many more buyers can comfortably afford.

“We first and foremost build affordable homes – homes that are attainable for the greater majority of people, homes that are refreshing and lovable that people want to be in and offer up-to-date design and details that help families live a good life,” says Heather Goldammer, director of sales and marketing for Verity Homes. “As part of creating homes that are refreshing, affordable and lovable, we offer customer service second to none. We take care of our customers before, during and after the sale like no other homebuilder.”

Verity Homes was founded 15 years ago, and today the company sells approximately 150 homes a year. As a custom builder, Verity Homes specializes in single-family, scattered- site construction as well as multifamily homes in specific communities.

“I’m very proud of how this company has progressed,” Goldammer says. “We started 15 years ago with zero funding. Now we’re the largest builder in the Bismarck area and have recently expanded to the Fargo [North Dakota] area, and we got where we are during the worst housing market in history.”

Building for Baby Boomers

In recent years, Verity Homes has fielded requests to build homes without stairs as well as adding an in-law suite to a home. The company since has added several patio ranch homes to its portfolio as well as design options for in-law suites.

No matter the personal preference for their custom home, customers continue to flock to the Internet to bring their dream homes into reality. With this in mind, has a feature called Your Personal Designer so its customers can choose all their options and get a glimpse of what their home will look like.

“We just finished designing a new website that will include interactive floor plans and a program that allows our customers to pick the exact color options found in our design studio and plug them into a photo so they can see what the finished product will look like,” Goldammer says.

Customers Come First

Along with creating affordable custom homes for a majority of buyers, Verity Homes also offers top-notch customer service. The company is well-known for unparalleled service.

“We have committed to maintaining and setting the standard for customer service in the areas in which we compete,” Goldammer says. “Our customers must always be treated with dignity and respect. When there is a problem, it is most likely a result of incomplete or inaccurate communication.”

To avoid these issues, Verity Homes utilizes a systems-based business model.

“We believe in being market- and customer-driven,” Goldammer says. “We believe in continual improvement of our product, people and processes.

“We believe that a systems-based business model will better serve our customers and allow us the best chance of accomplishing our goals,” Goldammer adds. “Systems are our second greatest asset. We strive for consistency and predictably in all aspects of our business.”

Verity Homes also heavily invests in its greatest asset of all – its people. Goldammer says the company values performance-based compensation systems where possible.

Verity Homes also spends 5 percent of base salaries on training and employee education.

“We have the staff and systems to support 200-plus homes a year,” Goldammer says. “It would be wonderful to reach the 200-homes benchmark.”

Community Outreach

Verity Homes has built countless beautiful homes for families throughout Bismarck, but Goldammer is most proud of a home the company delivered in 2014 that helped the community at large.

In 2014, Verity Homes built and sold a home and donated the profits to Hope International, a company that invests in the dreams of families in the world’s underserved communities through small business loans.

“Often, these families have the ideas and potential to start or expand a business but simply lack the funds,” Goldammer says. “A lump sum of capital can help these families run their businesses more efficiently or invest in productive assets, creating sustainable sources of income.”

The company plans to build two more homes – one each in Bismarck and Fargo – in order to donate the profits to local charities and Hope International.