No matter the type of project it is delivering, Ellisdale Construction is dedicated to its project owners.

No matter the type of project it is delivering, Ellisdale Construction isdedicated to its project owners.ELLISDALE CONSTRUCTION specializes in development and preconstruction consulting, design/build and general contracting.

The company says it brings together a diverse and talented group of architects and designer/leaders from a range of disciplines, each of whom delivers imaginative approaches to deliver highly functional and cost-efficient projects.

“We work tirelessly to help our clients limit their project liability exposure and construction costs while at the same time realizing the benefits that enlightened development can bring to a community,” Ellisdale Construction says. “Decisions that are made in the early stages of any project are always critical to that project’s success, and our team has consistently proven that its expertise in this area is a wise investment.”

The company says it constantly is refining its approach and adding to its portfolio of construction projects in areas including residential, commercial, mixed use, renovation, interior and multifamily construction.

“Although the specifics of any two projects may vary widely, Ellisdale’s approach is consistent whether the project is a singlefamily home, 300 units or an office building,” Ellisdale Construction states. “The ability to anticipate the needs of our clients and projects through expertise bred from experience is central to this approach and influences every decision that we make.”

Ongoing Oversight

Ellisdale Construction says throughout the entire process of a construction project, the company makes decisions based upon the best interests of client and project using value engineering, monitoring spending, limiting change orders and mitigating risk for the duration of the project.

“Our construction management and consulting services are crucial at the inception of a project, where we can expertly manage the design process towards a cost-effective and energy-efficient end product that is as well constructed as possible,” Ellisdale Construction says. “At the outset, Ellisdale will assemble a design team, establish the scope of work for each team member, write and coordinate all contracts and warranties, and set useful and reliable timetables. In addition, we will act as a liaison between the design team and key members of development and construction teams during the design phase.”

Ellisdale Construction also says it handles all coordinated client communication for its projects, as well.

“Throughout all stages of the building process, we are committed to providing superior service to our clients through extensive communication and feedback,” the company states. “One key step in this process involves detailed customer orientations prior to the execution of finish work – this is a guided walkthrough of the project, allowing the client to confirm firsthand that all scope items have been chosen correctly and that all tasks are on schedule. It also allows our clients to see and appreciate the quality of the project up close and further ensure that they are satisfied with the services being provided.”

Bevy of Services

Ellisdale Construction says it offers a full complement of construction and development services to its clients, ranging from preconstruction and management services to the complete acquisition and entitlement of a project.

For preconstruction services, the company works with clients to address every critical detail, developing and maintaining accurate cost estimates and schedules, analyzing materials, building systems and construction methods.

“Our in-house specialists provide valuable insight into mechanical and electrical systems, foundations, structural detailing and purchasing,” Ellisdale Construction states.

Ellisdale Construction also takes a disciplined and methodical approach to real estate development, mitigating any project’s inherent risk and providing clients with unrivaled support, the company states. “With Ellisdale acting as a development advisor or fee developer, [a] project will have an experienced team of professionals on its side,” the company states. “This team will include architects, engineers, interior designers, cost estimators, contractors, project managers, schedulers, attorneys, banks and real estate brokers, bringing a full spectrum of critical perspectives to every opportunity.”

In order to provide reliable and flexible management for the duration of any construction project, Ellisdale Construction says as a general contractor, it forms a partnership with the project owner, designer and subcontractors to assist in the successful delivery of each project. As a design/builder, Ellisdale Construction uses collaborative approach that brings together architects, engineers, and construction and property management professionals to customize space solutions to client specifications.

On the Rise

In August or September of this year, Ellisdale Construction is set to break ground on 4th and L Street, a 10-story, 123-unit building Mount Vernon Triangle.

According to District Source, Ellisdale Construction hopes to attract a restaurant tenant for 10,500 square feet of retail space in the project. District Source reports the 100-foot building will offer 25 parking spaces and 41 bike storage spaces, as well.