Censorio Group of Companies President and CEO Peter Censorio embodies Italian design.

Censorio Group of Companies President and CEO Peter Censorio embodies Italian design.BUILDING FOR THE Vancouver area, the Censorio Group of Companies brings European style and an attention to detail that separates it from bigger companies.

“Our most important asset is the customer experience. That’s the top priority for our company,” says Troy Steine, director of real estate. “It’s the hands-on, one-on-one experience and care we give to our clients. People take the time to write back to say how thankful they are for the experience and how we helped them.”

The company, under President and CEO Peter Censorio, handles the development, design, construction and marketing for its projects. Steine says new owners will be moving into their Beta project this summer. The eight-home boutique project is in the Burnaby Heights community on the outskirts of Vancouver. The area is a culturally diverse community, and the homes feature many European inspired-elements. Even before these residences are finished, they’re already 50 percent sold. What makes the building unique is the size and finish to the suites.

“The finishing is very different,” Censorio says. “It really embodies the ambiance of old-world Mediterranean tradition.”

Beautiful large Italian limestone flooring, gas fireplaces, wall ovens in the kitchen and largerthan- average spaces are some of the features that set the homes apart.

“Peter went above and beyond on this one,” Steine says. “Clients will be very pleased with how meticulous the finishing will be.”

Steine explains that, in a marketplace where suites are getting smaller and prices continue to be on the rise, Beta is offering two-bedroom designs from approximately 900 to 1,200 square feet.

“They are unusually different,” he says. “In many ways, the larger suites actually reflect a very similar layout to the houses in the area. We have larger suites on the sides of the building with quite a grand living area in the front of the building all the way to the back of the building.”

Optimal Office Space

The building also will house two commercial spaces, as well as the new corporate offices for the Censorio Group of Companies.

“What’s nice for the owners moving into the building is they know we’ll be there,” Steine says. “That’s a lot of peace of mind.”

The company also is looking to complete its Elliot Street high-rise project in the near future.

“It‘s a different vision to build a high-rise in the marketplace today,” Steine says. “It is considerably longer and most clients are buying a home long before it is finished.”

The 19-story building located in New Westminster, British Columbia, will have 130 units and is already about 80 percent sold. The building will be ready in the spring of 2016.

“That particular community of New Westminster is in a very central spot in the area,” Steine says. “It is very easy for you to get virtually anywhere. Companies have been buying land in the New Westminster area to build as both high and low rises for the market.”

Inside Elliot, there will be one- and two-bedroom units as well as some penthouse and subpenthouse designs.

“We have a vast array of buyers, from first-time buyers to people who are restart buyers,” Our most important asset is the customer experience, that’s the top priority for our company.” he says. “We also have people coming from selling their house who want to stay in the area.”

Steine says the suites feature many European design elements.

“Much of this is evolving out of Peter’s heritage and his hands-on talent for design,” he says. “I think people will like seeing something that’s a little bit different.”

While the Beta and Elliot Street projects are actively being sold, the Censorio Group continues expanding its portfolio. Steine explains that the company is also involved in building smaller condominium buildings in the Burnaby/Vancouver areas that cater specifically to the rental market.

“So many developers in our marketplace only build to sell,” Steine says. “However, we have two – soon to be three – projects we are bringing to the market exclusively for rentals.”

There’s been a great response to the rental buildings.

“They are not huge, 20 to 30 units with some small commercial spaces below,” he says. “It gives them a really well-designed suite they can rent.”

Fixture on Fraser Street in Vancouver is one example, with the building close to half-rented after only the first month, and two months before construction will even be finished.

“There’s a lot of genuine interest from professional couples and singles for a quality new rental building in Vancouver,” Steine says.