Blackpine Communities founder Michael E. Paris boasts almost 30 years of homebuilding experience.

Blackpine Communities founder Michael E. Paris boasts almost 30 years of homebuilding experience.COUNTLESS RESIDENTIAL developers claim they go beyond the cookie-cutter designs that leave production-style homes without any character. BlackPine Communities truly delivers a variety of unique home styles and floor plans within its developments to cater to every rung on the home ownership ladder.

“BlackPine Communities has the experience and efficiencies of a high-volume production homebuilder but the attention and commitment to design details of a custom homebuilder,” says Michael E. Paris, founder, president and CFO of BlackPine Communities. “We offer authentically true architecture with a thematic nature and charm. We build villages, not subdivisions.”

Paris brings almost 30 years of homebuilding experience to BlackPine Communities, which he launched after working for Kimball Hill Homes. Paris joined Kimball Hill Homes in 1998 and held numerous roles – including controller, division president and vice president of national supply chain – before starting BlackPine in 2010. The startup delivered its first community – Molly’s Walk at Diamond Creek in Roseville, Calif. – in 2012.

Despite only having five years in the Sacramento, Calif., region, BlackPine Communities boasts a wealth of knowledge due to its personnel.

“While BlackPine Communities is a relatively new company, our experience, reputation and homebuilding pedigree is not,” Paris says. “Most of our construction managers worked together at Kimball Hill Homes for many years, sharing the same culture, work ethic and vision.”

BlackPine Communities also has an exclusive affiliation with Emily Murphey Designs to offer its clients a unique and comprehensive palate of design choices for their new homes. This partnership allows BlackPine Communities to provide an experience for homeowners that will allow them one-on-one individual attention from experienced designer Emily Murphey.Blackpine Communities founder Michael E. Paris boasts almost 30 years of homebuilding experience.

It Takes a Village

BlackPine Communities is delivering Curtis Park Village, which has 86 home sites offering distinct home choices – The Cottages, The Brownstones and The Estates – in downtown Sacramento.

“Curtis Park Village offers a timeless residential expression of ‘old meets new,’ creating the nouveau American cottage and brownstones, which blend with the eclectic themes of the surrounding iconic neighborhood,” Paris says. “There are essentially three different communities offering three uniquely different house styles and lifestyle choices.”

The design vision for Curtis Park Village is historically based on the concept of variations within a timeless theme, according to Paris. The first 86 lots to be developed will offer 12 Cottages, 45 Brownstones and 29 Estate home sites, which are larger single family homes.

“As a composition, these unique designs would be opus one through five of a symphony born of the same period and built from the same natural materials as a quaint European village to the row houses of New York,” Paris says. “Turning away from the typical and expected elevation styles of most large production builders, Curtis Park Village exhibits subtle and sophisticated expressions that complement one another, visually drawing a picturesque and memorable streetscape.”

Delivering three distinct home styles in one development could prove menacing for other developers, but BlackPine Communities relies on its tried-and-true processes to stay on task.

“We take great pride in our supply chain disciplines and procedures,” Paris says. “The mantra of being ‘fully committed (contracted) prior to each home start’ is centric to our success. We want complete financial transparency in our supply chain amongst our managers, so we utilize our systems and disciplines to constantly improve our performance metrics. If you keep working on the right things, then the right thing happens.”

Transforming a Neighborhood

Along with building villages, BlackPine Communities aims to revive the neighborhoods where it develops its projects. The Creamery at Alkali Flat in Sacramento stands to be one such development, according to Paris.

The Creamery is located near downtown Sacramento, the capitol and the new entertainment district. Featuring 117 single family homes, the development will be open to buyers in the summer of 2015.

“As the growth of BlackPine Communities matures, I hope to be able to contribute to more community functions and causes,” Paris says. “The Creamery will be the catalyst to the gentrification of an entire neighborhood.”

Strategic Growth

By committing to its proven procedures, BlackPine Communities has the potential for significant growth in the next few years. Paris says he expects to have five to six open stores in 2015 with durable job growth and compensation for all of the company’s associates.