ICONstrux Design+Build is working toward a reputation as a go-to builder for high-end homes.

ICONstrux Design+Build is working toward a reputation as a go-to builder for high-end homes.IN HIS 15-PLUS years in the construction business, ICONstrux Design+Build Principal William Roberts has become an expert at those details that are hard to identify ? but easy to enjoy.

“You walk in and it feels good,” Roberts says. “You cannot tell me what feels good, but if you walk into another house that is dark, you can feel the difference.

“We like that feel-good factor: openness, lots of windows,” Roberts adds.

The company has been building luxury homes for the past few years, but Roberts and his team have been working in Houston-area construction since the late 1990s.

So far, they have built six houses with an exciting year ahead. The company has a new project on the horizon — a 28-acre retail development — and about a dozen more ultra-luxurious homes planned.

“We moved into residential when the economy started getting better in 2009,” Roberts says. “We did a lot of renovations for years, and then we got into the residential construction market. It has gone very well.

“It is something we really like because we get to be a lot more creative,” Roberts adds.

ICONstrux aims to build homes that sell for $900,000 to over $1.5 million — in neighborhoods where an ICONstrux house is the highest price point on the block, for apparent reasons.

“There is a missing gap,” Roberts says. “You have the product that goes up to $700,000 and then you have another product line that starts at $700,000 and goes up to $1 million. Ours is a special buyer, a buyer who is demanding, who knows what he or she wants. They typically have style, taste and can appreciate what we do.”

Roberts says the company’s homes fall in line with design principles the team has always upheld: a layout that feels spacious and light as well as upscale finishing touches.

“We set ourselves apart — from our space-planning process to our design to our finishes,” he says. “We pride ourselves on two things: the first floor being for entertaining, dining and enjoying your home.

“When you look at our homes you will find large dining rooms, chef’s kitchens and butler pantries/wine bars,” Roberts adds. “The second thing is our master bedrooms where you can close the door at night and there is no reason to leave. Our master bedrooms include coffee bars, spacious natural lit bathrooms, large closets and feel more like upscale hotel rooms. We offer a true master ICONstrux Design+Build is working toward a reputation as a go-to builder for high-end homes.retreat.”

Developing a Vision

When creating a vision for a new home or project, ICONstrux works with owners to create a conceptual design and then works with architects Roberts has relied upon as strategic alliances for 10 to 20 years.

“In every project, the details are paramount, we obsess over them – it’s a good thing,” he says.

That goes for both architectural elements and those sometimes overlooked details, such as ceiling fans to meet the buyers taste.

“If you see a typical development, they put in ceiling fans and you are supposed to light your rooms with these,” he says. “I would rather install recessed lights, additional windows and let you pick the ceiling fan that complements your decor, this works much better for our buyers”.

Instead, ICONstrux uses higher ceilings, ample recessed can lighting and plenty of windows for natural light.

“In our residential developments, the first floor is 12 feet and the second and third floors are 10 feet,” he says. “It makes a big difference because the volume of space is maximized.

“A 4,000-square-foot house feels much larger,” Roberts adds. “With lots of windows, too, it feels like much more space and volume.”

Multifamily Philosophy

Those philosophies flow into the work ICONstrux does for upscale renovations for multifamily projects developed by well-established Houston-area companies, such as Lincoln Property Co., Riverstone Residential Group and Greystar Management Services.

“We do the same thing we go do when we build our homes,” Roberts says. “We look at a space and we make it better. If the space is not working, we redesign.

“We work on common areas, to make them more inviting and useful,” Roberts adds.

The team’s reputation for past work through the parent company, Terra Ventures Inc., is helping the company build a strong future. The new retail project, for example, is for a client from 1999.

“At least half of our clients on commercial renovations have done business with us for 15 to 20 years,” Roberts says. “They are amazing. We love our clients.”

Client Satisfactions

And the clients appreciate ICONstrux’s attentiveness — to their wishes and to detail.

“You have to set yourself apart from other people,” Roberts says. “Everybody claims to reinvent this or that.

“We are not reinventing anything,” he continues. “We are just paying attention to what is important to people.”