Henin Homes

Henin delivers its European-inspired philosophy to the American way of life.

Henin delivers its European-inspired philosophy to the American way of life.Jerome Henin, president of Henin Group, has been guiding the company in building production and custom homes since 2005 with his more than thirty years of experience in property development and construction. Henin has a versatile background in architecture and construction that includes professional degrees, corporate positions and hands-on experience in the European and the U.S.’ markets dealing with all facets of real estate and development. Originally from France, Henin began his professional real estate studies and career in Paris.

“I expanded my business to Florida in 1994 and began building the many companies that the Henin Group is comprised of,” Henin says.

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Happe Homes

President and CEO Jake Happe leads Happe Homes with valuable experience.

President and CEO Jake Happe leads Happe Homes with valuable experience.Happe Homes has earned a well-deserved position as one of the leading builders in Iowa, and that position is led from the top down by its focused chairman, president and CEO, Jake Happe.

“I have always been in construction and real estate since I grew up in the industry, even cleaning up construction sites as a kid,” says Happe, who was born and raised in Iowa. “I also have a passion for real estate, and by the time I was out of high school at 18 I started building homes, working on a large framing crew.”

The mission of Happe Homes is to be a preferred builder in central Iowa by helping clients realize their home ownership dreams and fulfilling a commitment to exceed client expectations while providing the best product at a fair price.

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