Timberworx Custom Homes

Timberworx Custom Homes fuses classic luxury with forward-thinking technologies to create elegance.

Timberworx Custom Homes fuses classic luxury with forward-thinking technologies to create elegance.AT GUELPH, ONTARIO-based Timberworx Custom Homes, every home is built to be a dream home.

That’s more than a tagline for the company; it’s a promise, Timberworx design and realty specialist Eve Claxton says.

The approach extends beyond the construction of what clients feel is their perfect home to luxury service – from the design to the build to long after with warranty, maintenance and upgrades.

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Lovette Construction

Lovette Construction uses transparency and accountability to build trust.

Lovette Construction uses transparency and accountability to build trust.WORKING AMONG THE MAJESTIC – but aging – housing stock in Birmingham, Alabama, Lovette Construction knows the transformative power of a remodel done well. That means attention to detail and a painless process for the homeowner.

And while the downturn in the industry meant people were staying in homes that wouldn’t sell and remodeling to suit, an uptick in the market means people are buying again – and still see the value in tailoring a home to match the family. Both are good news for the 10-year-old boutique remodeler.

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Stadler Custom Homes

Stadler Custom Homes delivers luxury custom homes throughout the San Antonio area.

Stadler Custom Homes delivers luxury custom homes throughout the San Antonio area.RAY STADLER remembers setting out on his own to launch Stadler Custom Homes more than two decades ago and all the milestones his then fledgling company had to reach in order to become the homebuilder it is today.

The company started as a small custom homebuilder and stepped things up a notch after its Parade of Homes submissions were met with praise, eventually becoming the producer of homes that are as luxurious as any others in the San Antonio area.

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