Tuckahoe Creek Construction

Tuckahoe Creek Construction has evolved to cater to customer desires, with a focus on luxury custom homes.

Tuckahoe Creek Construction has evolved to cater to customer desires, with a focus on luxury custom homes.THE LUXURY CUSTOM homebuilding industry can be very rewarding when the economy is doing well, but it requires more than top-notch products and high-end finishes. The husband-and-wife proprietors of Tuckahoe Creek Construction realize communication with clients, vendors and subcontractors as well as customer service make all the difference in this competitive sector of the market.

“In our niche, all our main competitors – us included – deliver a quality product priced fairly,” says Gray Stettinius, one of the cofounders of Tuckahoe Creek Construction and the current owner and president. “And while I know my competitors typically have good relationships with their clients, I feel we set a very high bar.”

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Antonelli Construction LLC

Serving greater Rochester, New York, Antonelli Construction LLC’s homes speak for themselves.

Serving greater Rochester, New York, Antonelli Construction LLC’s homes speak for themselves.OFFERING A TRULY custom home is one of the most exciting propositions a company can make.

In an age where concepts for dream homes can consist of hundreds of photographs collected or pinned over years, a “sky is the limit” approach can have eye-popping appeal.

It also can feel overwhelming – especially as vendors and suppliers show hundreds of new options and ideas.

That’s why Antonelli Construction LLC in Fairport, New York, offers the same opportunity for truly custom homes – but also goes a step further, guiding clients through the process from start to finish.

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SweetWater Homes

With four years of success under its belt, Sweetwater Homes is busy building in Utah County, Utah.

With four years of success under its belt, Sweetwater Homes is busy building in Utah County, Utah.WITH THE RIGHT BUSINESS MODEL and the right niche, Richie McDonald decided to jump into the housing market with his own company — even when others would say it was the wrong time.

His instincts proved to be on target. SweetWater Homes has experienced four years of solid growth among its target audience: families looking for move-up homes.

“My main goal is to build a move-up house of lasting quality,” he says. “I didn’t want to build a starter home or a custom home. I wanted something in-between. Others had worked in those spaces. There were not a lot of builders creating between. That’s where I wanted to be.”

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