Founded in 1948, Nanke Signature Group is one of the oldest custom home design/build firms in Arizona.

Founded in 1948, Nanke Signature Group is one of the oldest custom home design/build firms in Arizona.AS A PIONEERING custom homebuilder established in the early days of Arizona’s coming of age, there is no doubt Nanke Signature Group has stayed true to a variety of principles that have kept the family-owned and operated company in business since 1948. However, the Nanke family also has readily embraced technological advances as they’ve become available to stay well ahead of the competition.

“All of our combined years of experience would be meaningless if it weren’t for our dedication to being versed in the latest innovations in our Founded in 1948, Nanke Signature Group is one of the oldest custom home design/build firms in Arizona.industry,” says Jared Nanke, owner, creative director and chief marketing officer for Nanke Signature Group. “We pride ourselves on building to a higher standard than building codes and are always looking for the best, new products to incorporate in our home construction.”

Nanke Signature Group is one of the first and oldest design/build firms in Arizona. The company was founded in 1948 by Don Nanke, who partnered with his father-in-law and brother-in-law, Carrol and Howard Madole, respectively. They joined forces with a vision to design and build the finest commercial and residential buildings in Sedona, Arizona, and the booming Southwest, but it was hardly easy considering the ruggedness of this part of the U.S. at this time.

“The first home built by our father and grandfather literally had to be built with resources available on the building site,” Jared Nanke says. “This was Sedona, Arizona, in 1948, and there was very little, if not anything, around for them other than the natural resources on the property.

“They had to form adobe bricks from the earth, harvest lumber from trees on-site,” Jared Nanke adds. “They were really pioneers and quite visionary in their designs and techniques.”

Since then, each generation of the Nanke family has been brought up in the industry, gaining experience in every stage of home construction and learning all facets of homebuilding.

“We’ve all been raised in this industry, honing and expanding our knowledge over the years,” Jared Nanke says. “There are a number of quality Founded in 1948, Nanke Signature Group is one of the oldest custom home design/build firms in and designers out there, but we’ve always distinguished ourselves by hiring and working with artists. The hands of passionate artists are what sets us apart.”

Technology for Clients

Nanke Signature Group has come a long way from forming its own bricks and harvesting its own lumber. Today, the company relies on the latest technology to keep clients engaged throughout the design and construction processes for their homes.

“Technology has done wonders over the years for improving ease of communications with clients,” Jared Nanke says. “From design software with virtual reality applications for renderings so clients may see and experience their home designs, to software that allows us to communicate with clients and keep them up to date on their projects and access calendars to see the progress of their homes – innovation is a big part of our company and is implemented daily.”

Nanke Signature Group relied on its skills as an artisan as well as technology to deliver a custom home that brought the great outdoors into the homeowners living quarters.

For a home delivered in the High Valley Ranch area of Prescott, Arizona, Nanke Signature Group was called upon to add a creek inside the home that flowed from a waterfall in the foyer and great room to a pond in another part of the house.Founded in 1948, Nanke Signature Group is one of the oldest custom home design/build firms in Arizona.

The indoor creek is fed by rainwater collection systems underneath the house, and it required the building and design team to add various systems to maintain humidity control inside the home.

“Every project is unique in the client’s vision of what they want for their style of living, but particularly in this case, it was the first time we’d ever put such an extensive water feature inside a home,” Jared Nanke says.

Along with the indoor creek, Nanke Signature Group’s in-house artisans created many of the handcrafted items in the home, including doors, lighting and sinks.

“We pride ourselves on ‘manifesting clients’ home dreams’ and ‘accomplishing the otherwise-deemed impossible,’ and this home really exemplified this,” Jared Nanke says. “Needless to say, it was one of our favorite projects as it’s these types of challenges we look for in being able to manifest a client’s dream.”

Beyond the Desert

As Nanke Signature Group’s reputation for quality construction and beautiful home designs has grown, so has the company’s geographic reach. Jared Nanke already has delivered custom homes throughout the United States, and an international project will come to fruition in the not-too-distant future.