With custom cabinetry capabilities in-house, Pettis Builders LLC wows homebuyers in every detail.

With custom cabinetry capabilities in-house, Pettis Builders LLC wows homebuyers in every detail.CONSTRUCTION ENGINEER TREY Pettis launched Pettis Builders LLC in 2005 as a spec homebuilder serving the Gallatin, Tennessee, market, but he soon recognized the creative freedom that came with creating custom homes.

Since then, the company has been honored with awards for its carefully crafted handiwork, which includes custom millwork, thanks to an in-house cabinetry division – Copenhaver Cabinets.

“We design almost all our homes from scratch,” he says. “A client can have many ideas, and we’ll fit the pieces together and design something truly custom. Most people that have seen our kitchens or homes will say, ‘We walked through several 6,000-square-foot homes and it seemed so much smaller than your 4,000-square-foot home.”

“The reaction is due to the layout,” Trey adds. “We make sure every inch is usable and design it very efficiently.” With custom cabinetry capabilities in-house, Pettis Builders LLC wows homebuyers in every detail.

Over the past few years, Pettis Builders has been recognized as a leader in custom homebuilding in its region: Sumner County, Tennessee.

To name a few, the company was nominated one of the best homebuilders in the county in 2012 – and then was voted the best homebuilder in Sumner County in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 in the Reader’s Choice Toast of Sumner County awards.

Pettis Builders also landed the spotlight for best interior design, best exterior design, most outstanding feature and best in show for the 2013, 2014 and 2015 Women’s Council of Realtors Luxury Home Tour.

One of the most important markers of the quality of the company’s work, though, Trey says, is when new clients seek him out after a referral or after spotting another home he built. Such was the case when an elegant French country home Trey originally built for his mother went back on the market recently.

In a two-week span, he received multiple calls from people asking him to rebuild the house – one with a coffered ceiling, black-and-white marble porch and a kitchen with a dramatic, vaulted ceiling and custom cabinetry.

“The kitchens are one of the hallmarks of our homes,” Trey says. “We try to make those extremely impressive.”

Trey launched his own cabinetry company, Copenhaver Cabinets, in 2012 after having trouble finding carpenters who were available and who provided the quality that meets the company’s standards.

“I saw a need in the market for it, and as we continued to grow, it just made sense,” Trey says. “It was an important opportunity. Since then, it’s been great because we know the quality is there and we control the schedule.”

Timing, cost and quality all are part of the company’s focus for each client.

Though custom home clients are offered a fixed-price system, where cost doesn’t move without an approved change to the design or materials, With custom cabinetry capabilities in-house, Pettis Builders LLC wows homebuyers in every detail.clients are still apprised monthly with summaries of progress and costs.

“Our goal is to exceed expectations of our clients,” Trey says. “Our mission is to provide the highest quality of home, a very competitive price, timely construction scheduling, and the utmost of integrity.”

Part of achieving that, Trey says, are team members aligned with the same goals.

“That’s something we came up with as a team, all of us together,” Trey says. “We are a company that relies on God and faith to help guide and bless us. That’s been a huge part of our success. Everything we do we thank God for. Part of honesty and integrity is treating people as you want to be treated.”

Award winning Interior designer Kalyn Nelson guides homebuyers through the building and selection process, helping them make sense of many options – and sometimes their Pinterest or Houzz scrapbooks – to achieve the look they want in pursuit of their dream home.

Lead Construction Superintendent Chad Penick handles new construction, and Superintendent Ron Hart oversees remodels and additions.

“They are doing a great job for us,” Trey says. “They are conscientious, and all our clients love working with them.”

Though the company builds to suit individual clients, many of its homes have been featured in Foxland Harbor, a development with a golf course and lake where Pettis Builders also built a club house for a restaurant and fitness center.

With the upscale feel of his homes, and high-end clientele, Pettis sees some of the typical homebuyer trends – requests for spaces that feel open as well as outdoor living spaces that augment luxury lifestyles.

“Everybody is looking for outdoor living areas that feel like part of the home,” he says. “You want to walk out to a covered porch, and it looks like part of the house, with materials that make the floor feel more like an interior finish. Especially in Tennessee, where there are a lot of months to spend outside, people really enjoy that.”

Rustic looks are strong now, though they have to be implemented in an updated way.

“We use a lot of Tennessee barnwood and what I call ‘rustic glam,’ where we are using the barnwood sliding doors or barnwood covering an entire back wall with a fancy chandelier,” Trey says. “Mixing those elements together is very popular right now.”