Sekas Homes Ltd. has built a reputation for creating lasting value in Vienna, Virginia, for nearly 30 years.

Sekas Homes Ltd. has built a reputation for creating lasting value in Vienna, Virginia, for nearly 30 years.FROM THE COMPANY’S VERY FIRST house, Sekas Homes began working in the Northern Virginia area with a dedication to designing and building luxury homes that met three critical criteria: beauty, functionality and timelessness.

After nearly 30 years, that hasn’t changed.

“We build a timeless, dependable investment and home for homebuyers,” President John Sekas says. “When people resell our homes, they market it as a Sekas Home. Sometimes our greatest competition is our own resales.”

Though it makes sense that a company that has always strived to create dwellings that don’t lose their luster, maintaining that commitment is consistently at the core of Sekas Homes’ business.

“You just have to believe in your values,” Sekas says. “Do it once and do it right. We have zero tolerance for imperfections. Either it’s right or it’s Sekas Homes Ltd. has built a reputation for creating lasting value in Vienna, Virginia, for nearly 30 years.wrong. When it’s wrong, we stand behind our product and fix the problem.”

With those unwavering standards, Sekas Homes has built a strong reputation in Northern Virginia, offering high-end construction for discerning homebuyers, with the option to build on their own individual lots or to build in one of the company’s carefully selected new-home communities. The Sekas Homes team seeks out properties that meet its priorities in its land acquisition process, purchasing properties in well–established, safe environments to give homebuyers multiple options to fit their needs and lifestyles. The results are award-winning.

Named the Northern Virginia Building Industry Association “Custom Builder of the Year” for 2013, the company has also received several other noteworthy awards over the past few years, including a “Best of Houzz Service Award” for customer service in 2015 and a “Best of Houzz Service Award” for customer satisfaction in 2014.

Right Fit

The company has found that its typical workload – around 20 homes annually – falls perfectly in line with the team’s desire to provide the attention to detail evident in a Sekas home, Sekas says.

“We may grow somewhat in the future because we’re fortunate enough to have a family business – young adults entering the arena,” he says. “But that has to be controlled growth. We have to keep all the same founding principles as we grow.”

The goal to achieve uncompromising quality is evident in every home the company builds, Sekas says. Among the quality features it offers is meeting today’s buyers’ need for greater efficiency. Sekas Homes builds properties that are Energy Star-certified by Sekas Homes Ltd. has built a reputation for creating lasting value in Vienna, Virginia, for nearly 30 years.the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency with technology that makes sense.

Tailored for Each Client

“Conveniences and technology are more and more important,” Sekas says. “What’s coming down the line is the integrated home – where all the technologies can talk to each other.”

Some elements work – but the right mix depends on the homeowner, and buyers needs are always priority No. 1, he says.

“When they have value, they’ll be embraced,” Sekas says. “It could be useful to be able to control your house and the elements inside it when you’re away. But think of the garage door. Is it easier to press a button in your car or reach for your phone, make sure you’re connected to wireless? A garage-door opener in your car is dependable.”

That same concern for how a homeowner lives in a new home flows through the entire construction process, Sekas says, and it applies to considering trends – shifting the fads from looks that will last a lifetime or longer.

“When we design our homes, we analyze the current trends and put them into a longterm perspective,” he says. “Trends come and go. ‘Pickled oak pink’ cabinets used to be popular. We cautioned people – asked how long they’re going to be in the house.”

Instead, Sekas Homes offers options that are current and beautiful – and will still look that way in 10 or 20 years.Sekas Homes Ltd. has built a reputation for creating lasting value in Vienna, Virginia, for nearly 30 years.

Some trends do fall in line well with the company’s vision of a luxurious home: elegant foyers, kitchens with display cabinetry and wine cellars.

“We started getting into bars and wine cellars more,” Sekas says. “On the upper end, we see many of these. Even if it’s not a full-blown wine cellar, there is space for it to be added.”

The sky is the limit for a Sekas Home, and the company can build a true custom home or allow clients to start with one of Sekas’ floor plans, which also can be customized

No matter which path a buyer chooses, every Sekas Home starts with top-tier standard features for every living space. For exteriors alone, those include a long list of items that distinguish a Sekas Home, everything from stone, brick and James Hardie siding to 40-year architectural roof shingles, to elements that make a house more livablelike a barbecue gas line to a deck or patio and lighting for outdoor living spaces.

“Over 30 years, we’ve found people want a certain baseline in a home,” Sekas says. “It’s our philosophy to include those in the price and not nickel and dime people. If you look at the standard features, they are all things that make a house very livable and comfortable. When we sell a house, we’re selling a home – not just a roof and walls.”