Serving greater Rochester, New York, Antonelli Construction LLC’s homes speak for themselves.

Serving greater Rochester, New York, Antonelli Construction LLC’s homes speak for themselves.OFFERING A TRULY custom home is one of the most exciting propositions a company can make.

In an age where concepts for dream homes can consist of hundreds of photographs collected or pinned over years, a “sky is the limit” approach can have eye-popping appeal.

It also can feel overwhelming – especially as vendors and suppliers show hundreds of new options and ideas.

That’s why Antonelli Construction LLC in Fairport, New York, offers the same opportunity for truly custom homes – but also goes a step further, guiding clients through the process from start to finish.

“We’re what I call a true custom homebuilder where we cater to the customers, let them pick what they want, but also guide them within their budget and then stand behind our work,” owner Craig Antonelli says.

Constant Contact

That starts with preplanning – from conceptual designs all the way through considering how a home should be positioned on a lot – and the team effort continues through the options, with Antonelli himself taking the lead.

“We team up with suppliers and vendors and make sure they have good experiences,” he says. “I’m involved in that process and guiding them on where it makes sense to spend their money and where it doesn’t.

“When you’re presented with all these selections, you need someone there to help you understand your options,” Antonelli adds. “We help them through that process and help them understand how it all comes together.”

Fostering Trust

Typically, in the tight-knit community where Antonelli’s team works, the trust-building elements begin before clients even walk through the door. As the son of a local residential and commercial builder, Antonelli’s name has been associated with quality construction since 1987. In 1999, Antonelli, who also has a strong engineering background, launched Antonelli Construction.

Now the company builds eight to 10 custom homes a year expanding its reputation as a trustworthy builder, Antonelli says.

Antonelli also says he is growing relationships with each project, and it helps that he volunteers, serving on a community planning board or coaching youth sports.

“When I build for my customers, I build that business partnership and/or friendship where I can go back to them and knock on their door and say, ‘I built your house four years ago and I’d like to show it to a customer,’” he says. “They are willing to open their homes.”

Positive word of mouth helps new homebuyers know their investment is in good hands.

“Ultimately this is their home and they want the best value and want to make sure it’s being done professionally,” Antonelli says. “They want to make sure they’re getting exactly what they want, and so do we.”

Utmost Attention

The company doesn’t believe in a nickeland- dime approach, offering base packages a step above what others offer.

And with full construction manager-led design/build services and a strong engineering perspective, Antonelli and his team understand what makes a home last from a structural perspective as well as the looks that homebuyers are seeking. Though they can build to suit any taste, including popular ranch styles and two-story colonials, the company is especially adept at craftsmanstyle homes, Antonelli says.

That’s where elements like trim and crown molding can make the difference between a beautiful home and a dream home.

It’s that concern for the finishing touches – and no room for skimping on details – that has helped the company distinguish itself.

“The quality along with the personal touch – that is where we set ourselves apart,” Antonelli says. “A lot of people say that, but we do it.”

The company also is working to incorporate more efficiency and automation into homes, something Antonelli says is gaining traction among buyers.

“Homeowner wants are changing with technology,” he says. “We’re building more energy-efficient homes and building automation where they want automation, whether it’s a full smart home or a combination of elements that can be controlled by a cell phone or tablet. It’s looking at what they need and want.”

Antonelli also is factoring those priorities into locations.

The company can build on a homeowner’s lot in the area, but it also is developing in subdivisions that have the right draw: access to conveniences but also a sense of peace away from the rush.

“Because we’re not the production builder, we try to find appropriate land in our area, close enough to services but yet far enough away so you’re not in the hustle and bustle,” Antonelli says.

The company’s Anton Rise subdivision is the most recent, and it strikes the right balance. Starting about 18 months ago – and with some now already complete for customers – the company’s plans include 14 homes on lots as large as 3 acres. Prices start around $390,000. The subdivision is a custom subdivision, meaning prospective homeowners can build whatever style and features they desire.

“It’s in the town of Victor, a beautiful location on the top of the hill, overlooking the Bristol Hills,” he says.

It also offers a tax advantage, lying within a county with lower property taxes, but still close enough to take advantage of the opportunities in a nearby county where the tax burden is higher.