Timberworx Custom Homes fuses classic luxury with forward-thinking technologies to create elegance.

Timberworx Custom Homes fuses classic luxury with forward-thinking technologies to create elegance.AT GUELPH, ONTARIO-based Timberworx Custom Homes, every home is built to be a dream home.

That’s more than a tagline for the company; it’s a promise, Timberworx design and realty specialist Eve Claxton says.

The approach extends beyond the construction of what clients feel is their perfect home to luxury service – from the design to the build to long after with warranty, maintenance and upgrades.

“We take a very hands-on approach to custom building so that the experience for our clients is a true sense of exclusivity,” she says. “During the process, we are joined at the hip, and our designers guide clients through the entire selection process so they can feel confident that the entire look will be just as they had envisioned. We pride ourselves on every home we build being unique and tailored to our clients lifestyle.”

Capturing Attention

The honors the company has accumulated speak of the results.

Timberworx was named winner of 15 awards since 2010 in the Guelph Awards, including “most outstanding” for a variety of Timberworx Custom Homes fuses classic luxury with forward-thinking technologies to create elegance.categories, including custom homes and renovations. In the Ontario Home Builders’ Association awards, Timberworx has received three “most outstanding” designations since 2012 and was a finalist in two others. The Canadian Home Builders’ Association recognized Timberworx as a top-tier builder, naming the company as a winner in two categories in the association’s 2014 SAM Awards: most outstanding kitchen renovation and most outstanding whole-house renovation under $250,000.

The Future of Comfort

The company also places a major emphasis on technologies, integrating smart features that allow owners to control everything from surround sound, lighting, climate controls, irrigation and security to altering homeowners by email or text of any trouble or maintenance required.

“A homeowner can access all of these controls directly through their smart phone as easily as they can answer their front door – instantly – even from overseas,” Claxton says.

The systems also are fully modular and built to adapt to innovations. As technology changes, the homes’ systems are fully compatible and can be upgraded to add additional features as they evolve.

“We integrate technologies into all of our homes, which we believe is truly the future of home comfort and luxury,” Claxton says. “Modern living, to us, is a reflection of the changing times and the advancements in building technology and design. Over the years, all of these aspects change rapidly, and staying ahead of advancements is key to designing the homes of tomorrow.”

While Timberworx homes are built for function and beauty for years to come, they don’t neglect what many love about the designs of the past, and they feature a warmth missing from some designs that sometimes come to mind with the concept of modern or ultra-contemporary.

“We fashion our homes – both the interiors and exteriors – with a respect for classic architecture/design and products Timberworx Custom Homes fuses classic luxury with forward-thinking technologies to create elegance.that have proven to stand the test of time and will undoubtedly remain that way for many years to come,” Claxton says. “The goal is to design a home that will never need remodeling because its time-honored look is truly ageless.”

Creating Showpieces

In addition to ultra-luxe custom homes, Timberworx also delivers luxury remodels and builds in exclusive subdivisions, lending the location.

Work also has been underway on what Claxton says will become a landmark estate subdivision, Heritage Lake Estates, a lakeside community just a minute drive away from Route 401 and other major roadways. Nestled in Aberfoyle, Ontario, with historical character, renowned antiques and farmer’s markets as well as boutique shops in a friendly atmosphere, it also neighbors the urban center of the growing city of Guelph, replete with shopping, dining, entertainment, desirable schools and a strong sense of community.

Nearby parks are prized for their serenity and the city’s treasures include architecturally historic buildings.

The gated community also is located near other hotspots – Kitchener, Cambridge and Milton – and is about a half-hour drive to Toronto Pearson International Airport.

“The enclave of half-acre lots is surrounded by trees, walking trails, wilderness and a 60-acre lake where residents can enjoy a cottage-like atmosphere in a beautiful setting,” Claxton says.

“Timberworx is proudly selling 22 homes in this outstanding community and the feedback and interest has been overwhelming in the short year we have been here,” she adds.“ The homes average in size from 2,000 to 5,000 square feet, and each on – with the Timberworx brand – is a showpiece.” Timberworx touch to an already enviable