Stadler Custom Homes delivers luxury custom homes throughout the San Antonio area.

Stadler Custom Homes delivers luxury custom homes throughout the San Antonio area.RAY STADLER remembers setting out on his own to launch Stadler Custom Homes more than two decades ago and all the milestones his then fledgling company had to reach in order to become the homebuilder it is today.

The company started as a small custom homebuilder and stepped things up a notch after its Parade of Homes submissions were met with praise, eventually becoming the producer of homes that are as luxurious as any others in the San Antonio area.

During the crash of the economy back in 2008, the homebuyer pool did not have as many potential clients who could manage to pay lavish amounts on a home. Stadler and his team did not allow that to affect their commitment to offering the same level of quality at price points its clients could afford.

“We had to stay committed to our core values of integrity and quality during the market downturn” Stadler says. “We excel at designing their home specifically for their piece of property, and we never lose sight of our clients’ need for a great value. AStadler Custom Homes delivers luxury custom homes throughout the San Antonio area. big part of that value is never sacrificing quality.

“We’re still expensive by most people’s standards, but they can get substantially higher quality and a very personalized experience with us,” he adds.

Stadler grew up in the construction industry alongside his father, who was constantly expanding the family home or building up a commercial investment during Stadler’s childhood. He attended Brigham Young University, where he graduated from the school’s construction management program.

Following college, Stadler worked for a large builder in San Antonio before launching Stadler Custom Homes in Austin and San Antonio, Texas, in 1995. In 2005, he focused his attention solely on the San Antonio market and has grown the business into what it is today.

Throughout the years, Stadler Custom Homes has delivered homes for hundreds of homeowners by creating a professional and enjoyable atmosphere during the design and building process, the company states.

“This mission statement allows our customers, employees, trade partners and suppliers to work together with respect, integrity and trust,” Stadler Custom Homes states.

Unobstructed Views

The Smith residence at Cordillera Ranch near San Antonio is one example of Stadler Custom Homes’ ability to design luxurious residences that fit the specific area and characteristics of a property.

The time spent in creating the design and the on-site layout for each residence is a critical part of the high quality Stadler offers its clients.

The result for the Smiths was designing a house as long and linear as the view on the horizon, taking all 7,600 square feet Stadler Custom Homes delivers luxury custom homes throughout the San Antonio area.on a single level to stay within mandated heights.

To build this home – which the company delivered in 2014 – Stadler Custom Homes built the front of the home into the hillside, 14 feet below what the existing grade would have been. To take advantage of the new shape of the hillside, Stadler created a front courtyard with a beautiful waterfall cascading down the 14 foot ledge. The company also added an expansive outdoor living area with a chipping and putting green for the golf enthusiasts who live there.

“The reason we liked that one is because it has unique and difficult site conditions,” Stadler says. “We worked with the homeowner and architect to overcome some obstacles and created a beautiful residence that is as luxurious as it is unique.”

Consistency is Key

To maintain quality and consistency in its homes, Stadler Custom Homes is extremely selective with the subcontractors it uses to build its homes. Stadler says that is just one way the company has been able to provide the luxury categories of homes it delivers.

“A great number of our subcontractors have been working with us for years and they understand the quality requirements we have as a builder,” Stadler says.

“We have more inspections than any homebuilder I know of because we have multiple layers in our company that perform quality reviews on each home,” he maintains. “It can sometimes frustrate the subcontractors, but that’s one of the reasons that we have been able to provide the quality we want for our clients – we’re absolutely dedicated to having a high-quality product.”

Signs of the Times

One way Stadler Custom Homes has remained successful since its launch in 1995 is by listening to its clients and following design and building trends as they change throughout the years. In terms of aesthetics, Stadler says customers' demands have transitioned from Tuscan and dark-painted surfaces to light, modern design and décor.

“We have adapted to what our clients have told us the in design and selection process,” Stadler says. “As a custom builder, you have to know what each client wants, while still providing a unique look for them with their home design. Builders can get stuck in a particular style or design, but it is important for us to listen to our clients and to stay current with design trends. That’s one way we continue to provide a very personalized experience for our clients.”