The Southampton Group is known for quality of construction, attention to detail and client satisfaction.

The Southampton Group is known for quality of construction, attention to detail and client satisfaction.THE SOUTHAMPTON GROUP is a small, independent general contractor building and renovating homes in collaboration with some of Houston’s most respected architectural firm.

For the first time, the client-focused company is teaming up with L. Barry Davidson Architects AIA Inc., an established, Houston-based residential architecture firm led by Leslie Barry Davidson for over 30 years.

The partnership on a residential project is a first — but it makes sense because the two firms share a similar philosophy: to stay true to clients’ wishes with a home that is cohesive in all its elements.

“We have negotiated on previous projects, but this one was the first that coalesced, with schedule, pricing and client rapport,” he says.

With more than 25 years as a general contractor, Barone is well-acquainted with an architect’s take on home-building. He first became familiar with the construction industry visiting job sites around the world with his father, an architect who worked with prominent architect IM Pei.

Later, as a college student at Rice University, Barone worked as a laborer, painter, and carpenter, gaining the crucial knowledge of home building and remodeling that would serve him well when he later established The Southampton Group with two partners, according to his wife, Mary Barone, office manager for the general contractor.

“There are lots of reasons why we build the way we do, but one of them is that fact that Marcel comes from a family of architects and has been exposed all his life to the architect’s perspective on both design and execution,” Mary says. “He understands and is sympathetic to aesthetic priorities and expectations of quality.”

In the company’s consistent delivery of fine home construction and remodels, Southampton Group has built a reputation for construction quality, attention to detail and commitment to clients, Marcellus says.

“Each house we build adds to the information base we tap for the next project, so that our building techniques are regularly evolving,” he says. “We rise to the challenges our clients and architects present. Rather than telling them a particular detail can’t be done, we figure out how to do it. Rather than telling them a deadline can’t be met, we work as hard as we can to complete the work in their time frame.”

Knowing the Clientele

L. Barry Davidson Architects responds to the personalities of clients, working to satisfy their specific needs. Their custom designs reflect the “concept” of a house — from the windows to roof, from tile to appliances, from structure to low-voltage technology.

The chosen architectural style becomes the “thread” that guides every design decision. The result, the firm says, is houses that are timeless and unique.

From a young age, Barry Davidson has been passionate about historical architecture, developing that passion through education and experience in commercial and residential architecture.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in art and architectural history from Mount Holyoke College, a bachelor’s degree in architecture and master’s degree in architectural design and historic preservation from the University of Illinois. Her award-winning residential work is the focus of the practice now includes new construction and renovations and additions.

Her aim for excellence makes Davidson a premier architect in the Houston area. She is adept at an array of architectural styles — from authentic historically inspired homes to modern contemporary architecture.

“We design all of our residences within a ‘green’ framework,” the company says. “In addition to longevity and durability, our houses aspire to comprehensive substantiality. We are qualified to apply for LEEDS certification for any homeowner who desires to make this decisive step toward reducing our carbon footprint.”

Southampton’s Vision

Similarly, Southampton keeps each client’s desires at the forefront of every project, Marcellus says.

“Our goal is always, for both philosophic and pragmatic reasons, to make sure the clients get the outcome that they have hoped, planned, and paid for,” he says. “The clients that we work for want quality on multiple fronts. They want homes that are not just expensively appointed, but are well thought out and well executed. They are sophisticated in their tastes and in their expectations for both the highest levels of conceptual design and details of finishing.” Working in a growing region, the company is well-positioned to continue its success, he adds.

“Our company has been slowly and steadily growing,” Marcellus says. “That said, we are careful not to take on more work that we can do with our customary level of supervision and follow-through. The economy in Houston is strong and it’s an area that is attracting more and more positive attention from the rest of the country. We have every reason to believe that the future of architecturally designed renovations and new homes is very bright.”