Stauffer & Sons Construction Inc. has built a reputation for lodge-style custom homes.

Stauffer & Sons Construction Inc. has built a reputation for lodge-style custom homes.BUILDING ALONG COLORADO’S FRONT RANGE REGION, Stauffer & Sons Construction started 15 years ago as a framing contractor and a general contractor — with a knack for featuring the natural hardwood elements that make Colorado architecture distinctive, incorporated in a home aligned with a buyer’s lifestyles and ideas.

Andy Stauffer founded the company in the greater Colorado Springs area after working his way through the framing field. He and his wife, Yukie, have four sons – 19-year-old Andy, 18-year-old Patrick, 17-year-old Curtis and 2-year-old Derek — who he envisions carrying on his legacy of building homes built to perfectly suit a buyer’s hopes for a dream home.

“Clients appreciated that I wasn’t framing in a vacuum,” he says. “I was able to build the shell and the structure — the bones — of these homes with a real sensitivity toward the bigger picture.”

Eventually, the company became exclusively a general contractor with a close network of framers and architectural partners who incorporate Stauffer’s approach to home design, a highly targeted approach.

“The singular greatest asset to me being a general contractor is my extensive hands on experience with structural and architectural considerations — the bones of the home,” Stauffer says. “We are able to collaborate with our architectural team in a way that offers our clients the best design, from both the architect’s perspective and from the perspective of the person in the field, building the structure.”

Building the Bones

Early on, Stauffer & Sons had the chance to build a reputation through a handful of marquee projects. “We gained a reputation very quickly as the go-to framing contractor for high-end custom homes and complex builds, which led to a focus on heavy timber and timber framing and log home construction,” he says. “We carved out a niche for ourselves early on as a general contractor who specialized in that.”

About three years into the company launch, Stauffer was named framing subcontractor on a $13 million arts-and-crafts-style residence based on 20th-century California architects Greene & Greene. The building features old grooved redwood timber and joiner.

“As a framing contractor, I was able to demonstrate that within that scope, I had already established myself as the go-to guy for timber framing,” he says. “They gave me the opportunity. We were able to really hone our skills on that. That’s a once-in-a-lifetime project.” A few years later, they were the framer for the Griffis residence, another high-end, timberheavy home. A developer acting as a general contractor needed a contractor who understood conventional, heavy-timber and log framing, and he called on Stauffer & Sons, whose crews milled every piece of wood on the sprawling home from about 700 trees of ponderosa pine from the property.

“Now, in this community, we are considered the full-service general contractor on projects of this magnitude and caliber, without question,” Stauffer says. “At the time, I don’t know if I would have had a shot, but we were known already for our framing and work with heavy-timber construction.

“That background prepared me for what we’re able to offer today,” Stauffer says. “We now have 15 years Stauffer & Sons Construction Inc. has built a reputation for lodge-style custom homes.under our belt. We’ve weathered the storms. There’s a brotherhood of people who look around and it’s nice to be able to look around at homebuilding association gatherings and you start to see the folks who have established themselves as trustworthy and professional and have the capabilities to build some unique, challenging projects.”

As he grew, he brought on team members who appreciate his vision for value and customer-driven design.

“Something I was really excited about when I started the company was being able to build my own company culture,” he says. “That’s when you can become passionate about a business, when it aligns with your personal belief and ethics. We’re constantly trying to put ourselves in the position of our clients, what they’re expecting and they deserve.”

The company also gained exposure locally and nationally for helping communities rebuild after fires in 2012 in Waldo Canyon and in 2013 in Black Forest swiped out over 800 homes. Stauffer & Sons also built a picnic pavilion for community members to rally together in Black Forest.

The company also built a handful of projects for the Broadmoor Hotel — known worldwide as the longest-running five-star hotel in the world — that highlight Stauffer & Sons’ timber and hardwood capabilities.

Though the company now works solely as a high-end custom home general contractor with trusted subcontractors for framing and collaborates closely with architectural partners, Stauffer says he maintains a focus on what home really means.

“When I talk to folks about curb appeal and who they’re building for, in almost no instances are people building to impress those driving past their homes,” he says. “Our notion of curb appeal is what is going to invite you back every night after a hard day’s work? That’s been a motivating factor in designing and building: What inspires? What is going to facilitate family and friends?”

The company’s web gallery shows a broad cross-section of homes with prices that range from $300,000 to over $1 million.

“While we’re certainly not in the same vein as a production builder, looking for just entry level and cost saving,” Stauffer says, “I would never say we’re budget. But we are value. To really grill folks on their needs and wants, then instead of them saying we’ll take this ranch floor plan, which is 95 percent there and leaving 5 percent that doesn’t work in its use of space, why don’t we build a home where every square foot is deliberate and in accordance with their needs.”