Lafayette, Louisiana’s Mark Laborde builders creates custom homes that are exquisite in every square inch.

Lafayette, Louisiana’s Mark Laborde builders creates custom homes that are exquisite in every square inch.FOR THE TEAMat Mark LaBorde Builders, each custom home is a unique expression of the owner’s wishes — from breathtaking elevations and landscaping to highlight exterior features to countertops and fixtures. The custom homebuilder, which operates its own millwork company, works with homeowners who want a home like none other.

Building since 1990, the company has come to represent a picture of what fine custom homes can provide: an unparalleled attention to detail, according to the company.

“With meticulously selected materials like antique cypress, unique bricks, aged pine wood beams, gorgeous marble and fixtures, Mark LaBorde homes are as unique as our South Louisiana culture,” the company states. “Architects and interior designers seek out the knowledge and expertise of Mark LaBorde Builders in the search and use of these hard-to-find items.”

Dream Makers

With more than 40 years of combined experience, the team at Mark LaBorde Builders helps homeowners realize their unique visions.

Owner Mark LaBorde, known in the region as a premier custom home builder, has spent more than 20 years in residential and commercial construction. He has earned a bachelor’s degree in construction as well as an MBA. With his background, the company also tackles a few select commercial projects.

Working with affiliated architect Kevin Gossen, LaBorde is able to procure authentic materials and antiques that lend unique touches to each home.

“Mark LaBorde Builders is obsessed with putting together all the details that make a custom home truly custom,” the company states.

Some homeowners have even traveled overseas with Gossen to choose materials and elements for their homes.

The home builder also uses its own millwork company, Architectural Millworks of Louisiana, to fulfill any project, the company says.

“If someone can dream it, the millwork guys can build it,” the company states. “They take on each project as a challenge to prove that even the wildest ideas can be realized in fine wood. From custom cabinets, to unique furniture, to stunning entertainment centers — whatever the architect or customer has in mind — Architectural Millworks of Louisiana will see that it gets built with precision and craftsmanship.”

That capability is another resource that area architects, interior designers and builders value, according to the company.

A Pleasurable Experience

Mark LaBorde Builders works to make the process rewarding and enjoyable for homeowners, the company says.

“It’s very important to meet with us as early as possible, to make sure everything is aligned to make the creation of your dream home as easy as possible,” the company states.

A list of 10 essential steps guides home buyers from architectural drawings through costs and plans and meeting with all the players to landscaping and final touches, such as a one-of-a-kind pool shape or courtyard or classic fencing.

Once a homeowner has worked with Gossen or another architect of their choosing to create and finalize plans, construction starts at step five.

When framing commences, a homeowner can select electrical and plumbing fixtures and the next step is a delight for those who enjoy technology. Homeowners are asked to review alarm system needs and installation and choose specialty tech items, such as advanced entertainment systems. Custom paint colors and carpet and interior material selections make up the next phase, a favorite for many homeowners and spouses.

Thoughtful landscaping and related elements shouldn’t be ignored as part of the process either, the company says.

“Careful attention to this step will pay off to make your home one with its surroundings,” the company states. “We’ll make sure it’s done right.”

Subcontractors with the Right Mindset

A story in Acadiana Builder Magazine highlights the importance of working with subcontractors who are artisans and can help Mark LaBorde Builders deliver dreams for those who are able to pay $3 million to $4 million for a custom home.

“I was fortunate to start my business doing fine quality homes and to continue in that market,” Mark said in the story. “In the beginning the homes were $300,000 and then $500,000, then $1 million, $2 million, $3 million. My biggest project to date was in the eight-figure range.”

Mark also told the magazine he’s found his place in the market. “I’ve never built spec homes; it’s not my niche,” he said. “The spec market is driven by price; it’s such a different ballgame. If I built to a certain price, I’d have to change all of my subcontractors because I use the artisans.”