Alair Homes has set itself apart as a company that can provide custom homes that fulfill dreams.

Alair Homes has set itself apart as a company that can provide custom homes that fulfill dreams.ALAIR HOMES is not just in the building business. The company says it is in the business of helping individuals and families improve their lifestyle by building and renovating homes and commercial spaces, with an award-winning Client Control™ process.

“If you are looking for a contractor who genuinely looks out for you and your best interests, and someone who is transparent along the way, you’ve come to the right place,” the company states.

“Through this process, you will get to see all of our receipts and approve all materials before we even begin construction — keeping you 100 percent in control, with none of those surprises that too often come when building or renovating.”

Those processes often allow families to live in exactly what they want — but for less than what might be expected.

“Creating value and quality in everything we do is part of the philosophy and culture at Alair Homes,” the company says. “You deserve complete control of your project instead of simply choosing from package A, B or C.

“Alair is the only builder in North America that performs all of our custom home projects exclusively using the Client Control method,” Alair Homes adds. “Imagine having 100 percent transparency and control over your project including selections, invoices and subcontractors.”

Alair’s 120-point design and estimation provides complete precision and accuracy before each project commences. Because it’s so expansive — the largest custom home builder in Canada, now with three locations in the United States — leveraging national buying power affords homeowners the same pricing options as a national builder could offer, but without additional markup.

That amounts to greater value with the highest level of quality, according to the company.

“Alair’s custom home building process gives [clients] the freedom to make [their] vision and dreams come true, and it’s the difference that makes the difference,” the company states.

Core Services

Alair can provide custom home building or targeted renovations. The company also performs commercial work.

Its top services include custom home building; major renovations, including teardowns; commercial building; kitchen renovations; bathroom renovations; and basement renovations.

By providing extensive buying muscle and a brand that stands for quality, Alair Homes has established itself as a powerful partner to other homebuilders. Alair Homes also acts as a construction management network of highly qualified and experienced business owners dedicated to owning their own business.

The company shares best practices to achieve more consistent profits, and is committed to leveraging resources that support the challenges independent builders and contractors routinely face. The franchise operation has completed more than 1,700 projects in Canada and North America.