Atlas Contracting Inc. melds New England home designs with today’s modern amenities.

Atlas Contracting Inc. melds New England home designs with today’s modern amenities.THROUGHOUT the New England custom homebuilding market, homebuyers still demand traditional designs that match the historic look of region. However, these buyers also want the modern conveniences the latest technology has to offer.

Striking a balance between the venerated past and the innovative present is no easy task. However, the father-son duo at the helm of Atlas Contracting Inc. has proven successful at appealing to clients throughout New England by offering the best of both eras.

“The times have changed from the first generation with my father,” says Ohan Ozcan, who serves as president andAtlas Contracting Inc. melds New England home designs with today’s modern amenities. owner as the second generation of Ozcan family ownership. “We’re bringing new tech into the houses and making everything automated, but the homes themselves have a traditional value to them.”

Robert Ozcan founded Atlas Contracting 25 years ago, and the family atmosphere he established then remains intact today. Ohan Ozcan grew up in the business, and the company continues to treat its clients and employees like they are part of the Ozcan clan, too.

“It is a very tight-knit company,” Ozcan says. “That is how it has always worked and how it will work in the future.”

Atlas Contracting builds custom homes primarily throughout eastern Massachusetts, but the company also branches out into Connecticut, Vermont and Maine. Along with ground-up construction of custom homes, Atlas Contracting performs restorations, renovations, designing and planning.

Modern Innovation

Building in New England requires designs that recall a bygone era, but today’s homebuyers still want the best modern technology has to offer. Ozcan says technology is most commonly found in the automation of heating, exterior lighting and other aspects of the home.

“Homeowners are much more aware today, so we have to install the new products that are coming out,” he adds. “They are much more aware than the generations before when it was just traditional buildings.”

For example, in one of the homes Atlas Contracting is building, all the bathrooms are outfitted with Smart Tablets in the shower. The Kohler DTV system can save desired settings for body sprayers, shower heads, water temperature and other features of a shower for each individual who uses its.

“Every time you go into the shower, you push your name and everything comes on automatically,” Ozcan says.

Delivering Quality

The company’s homes sell between $2 million and $10 million. With that kind of money on the line, Ozcan says the quality of Atlas Contracting’s homes must be second to none.

“Quality – that’s the No. 1 thing,” he says. “It has to be perfect. There’s no room for error. It would be unacceptable because everything has to be done not to par, but one or two levels higher.”

To better control quality, Atlas Contracting relies on the same subcontractors for all of its projects. There is no bid process for the work – Atlas’ subs know they will be contacted when there is a job to be done, and Atlas knows its subs will be available when they’re needed.

“We have worked with them for so long, they have become part of the team,” Ozcan says. “A lot of their work is because of our company. They know what we’re expecting, so we know the whole project will move efficiently.”

Despite the high expectations of quality, Atlas Contracting aims to keep its price points reasonable for clients, as well.

“We try to work efficiently, which allows us to maintain the highest quality with the highest grade of materials,” Atlas Contracting Inc. melds New England home designs with today’s modern amenities.Ozcan says. “By not subbing everything out, there is more cost control, and we pass the savings onto the client. We’re definitely not the cheapest, and we’re the most expensive, but we try to give the most quality for the dollar.”

The Vision Process

Unlike many other homebuilders, Atlas Contracting thrives on the complex and challenging homes its customers want to bring to fruition. According to Ozcan, that also means making sure the homebuilding process is as painless as possible for Atlas’ clients.

“What we try to do is try to provide everything for the clients so the client doesn’t have to do anything themselves,” Ozcan says. “We are here to guide them and make the whole process of building their homes enjoyable. We get very personal with the fact that their house is not just another house we’re building. When they walk in, we want them to feel that way, as well.”

With that in mind, Ozcan doesn’t foresee a huge amount of growth for his family’s business.

Instead, he prefers increasing the level of quality in his company’s homes to better satisfy clients.