Cousins Rachel and Katherine Bardis carry on their family’s tradition of building homes in Sacramento.

Cousins Rachel and Katherine Bardis carry on their family’s tradition of building homes in Sacramento.ALTHOUGH COUSINS RACHEL and Katherine Bardis launched Bardis Homes Inc. in 2012, the foundation of their firm dates back more than 40 years. They are committed to building communities for the benefit of the region, their buyers, and the city in which they are developing.

“We have a strong commitment to our community,” says Katherine Bardis, principal and cofounder of Bardis Homes. “Our family has developed several large master-planned communities throughout northern California, Idaho and Nevada, building over 10,000 homes.”

Rachel and Katherine are part of a homebuilding legacy in the Sacramento, California, region, and as female Cousins Rachel and Katherine Bardis carry on their family’s tradition of building homes in, are changing the way things have been done. They are taking the good from the “old model” and reimagining the way homebuilding should be for their new company. Their focus is on the new age buyer and how people truly live in their homes today. They want to create a new platform for the business, utilizing technology, more streamlined systems, and efficient ways of operating.

“We started Bardis Homes with the idea of reimagining the homebuilding process,” Katherine Bardis says. “Rachel’s extensive homebuilding history coupled with my new outlook and design criteria perfectly mirror the DNA of Bardis Homes – updated tradition with a strong foundation.”

One way Bardis Homes intends to make homebuying easier for its buyers is through the use of advanced technology. The company has implemented new software to create a more streamlined development process.

“We recently emphasized a strong push in being technologically savvy and keeping most operations web-based,” Rachel Bardis says. “Our company objective is to make the entire homebuilding and homebuying process streamlined, easy and tech savvy. We have done everything from implementing new software systems to creating video home tours buyers can view, as well as storing all warranty information online.”

Retrofitting Broadway

The Mill on Broadway is Bardis Homes’ newest project. The company has been selected as the master builder to work with developer North West Land Park and owner Ranch Capital to deliver the first 282 homes of the development.

“This project is a great opportunity to showcase our skills as builders and the style of building that we are most excited about today,” Katherine Bardis says. “The Mill is an exciting new infill community within the Central City of Sacramento.”

The development includes the repurposing of an area that was used as a lumber mill for three generations. The Mill on Broadway ultimately will feature 1,000 new homes with a 4-acre park, bicycle trails, mixed-use developments and a festival street.

Cousins Rachel and Katherine Bardis carry on their family’s tradition of building homes in Sacramento.Cousins Rachel and Katherine Bardis carry on their family’s tradition of building homes in Sacramento.

“It will offer affordable pricing and fantastic finishes, excellent and intentional use of every space with some homes having rooftop decks,” Katherine Bardis says. “We are ecstatic to be part of such a pivotal project within the Sacramento area.”

Homes at The Mill cater to millennial firsttime buyers as well as the empty-nesters and move down buyers with its community atmosphere.

“Including a 4-acre public park and a year-round public marketplace, The Mill allows buyers to experience an active and community-centric lifestyle,” Katherine Bardis says.

Bardis Homes also has a commitment to supporting local business as it builds out its portion of The Mill on Broadway. Along with its position as a local builder, the engineer, architect structural consultant and marketing company all are local to the Sacramento area.

“We love how this project completely focuses on local,” Rachel Bardis says.

Design Influences

One unique aspect of The Mill on Broadway is the use of multiple interior designers. Instead of employing one designer for a portion of the development’s build out, Bardis Homes has hired eight different local, up-and-Cousins Rachel and Katherine Bardis carry on their family’s tradition of building homes in Sacramento.coming interior designers for its 10 model homes.

“We think this will create a way for our buyers to connect to the homes through the different designers and different aesthetic,” Katherine Bardis says. “It is also great to give eight different designers the ability to try something new.”

In order to stay atop of scheduling goals at The Mill on Broadway, Bardis Homes uses a strict cloud-based

scheduling system that allows the field team to be in the homes more and focus on quality.

“It also provides accountability and assures that all trades can view and stick to the schedule,” Katherine Bardis says.

Value in Engineering 

Bardis Homes also conducts value-engineering on each plan at product design, and it continues the value-engineering process throughout all planning and design stages to find ways to cut unnecessary costs.

For example, since lumber typically represents 20 percent or more of the cost of a home, Bardis Homes focuses on indicators on a weekly basis and tries to spot the best time to buy, based off its absorption rates and inventory.

“We also try to find bundling of offerings, supplier incentives and energy incentives to keep costs down,” Rachel Bardis says.