With HOVER, contractors are just a few clicks away from receiving accurate measurements that generate faster and more accurate price quotes on projects like new siding, windows and more.

With HOVER, contractors are just a few clicks away from receiving accurate measurements that generate faster and more accurate price quotes on projects like new siding, windows and more.A ballpoint pen freezing in the cold winter air, a project manager wasting valuable time driving to and from a job site, and the inability to effectively communicate a remodeling vision to a potential client.

Construction managers face these sorts of challenges regularly, but now there’s a solution. Meet HOVER, the first mobile app to generate accurate digital 3-D property reconstructions by simply taking a few photos. Gone is the antiquated, dangerous and time-consuming ladder-and-tape-measure process when it comes to measuring the exterior of a residential property. With HOVER, contractors are just a few clicks away from receiving accurate measurements that generate faster and more accurate price quotes on projects like new siding, windows and more.

Since HOVER’s initial launch, contractors across the country have used the app to measure more than 20 million square feet of siding, and HOVER has partnered with several leading brands in home renovation, including Alside, Norandex and Ply Gem, among others.

How it Works: From Smartphone Photos to 3-D Properties

For contractors, calculating line lengths and surface areas can be a painstaking process, but with HOVER, it doesn’t have to be. The app delivers accurate measurements on all building materials such as siding, windows, doors, stucco, brick, stone, trim, fascia, soffit and more, which are accessible in app, email or browser.

For as robust as its capabilities are, the HOVER app is easy to use. Contractors can visit www.hover.to to sign up for a free 14-day trial and download the HOVER app. The app allows the user to snap several photos of the property from various angles, which are automatically uploaded to HOVER. From there, the HOVER automatically calculates all square footages and lineal measurements. Contractors receive HOVER Pro measurements and photos of the job in their inbox and on their mobile device in less than 24 hours, but typically much faster.

Faster, More Accurate Measurements

Residential contractors are using HOVER to receive complete and accurate exterior property measurements, taking the guesswork out of remodeling estimates. HOVER Pro measurements are at least 95 percent accurate, allowing contractors to quote any job and even eliminate the need to re-measure siding jobs, saving contractors time and money in the long run.

Many contractors rely on HOVER for accurate measurements from the beginning of the sales process through installation. Instead of packing up the truck and conducting a pre-construction meeting at the job site, the team can scope the job from their office to gain a better understanding of the work involved before they even begin.

Project managers, sales representatives and construction teams can minimize drive time and save money during pre-construction meetings by using the accurate home measurements. Driving to and from a job site to obtain additional measurements for things like gutters, siding, and window frames are now a thing of the past.

With HOVER’s revolutionary technology, professional contractors have the ability to take 3-D renderings of a property straight to the job site. It’s the first platform that allows contractors to show clients exactly what their home renovations will look like in 3-D.

Many contractors find that there is often a divide between their vision for a home construction or renovation project and the homeowners’ understanding of what the final outcome will look like and cost. Detailed descriptions, sketches and examples of other properties just don’t cut it in today’s visual world, and sometimes the misunderstanding results in lost business.

HOVER enables contractors and homeowners to design renovations on a 3-D rendering of the actual home. Homeowners can get a realistic idea of how their property will look with new siding, windows, trim and more. These visual elements can be incredibly helpful when communicating with clients and potential.

Improving the Customer Experience

With HOVER’s unrivaled measurement accuracy and unique design, contractors can close more business and ultimately improve client communication in the process.

HOVER measurements add a high level of credibility when speaking with potential clients and create a much more dynamic sales pitch as the contractor can show customers exactly what changes to their home will look like. HOVER data improves customer proposals and can be filed away to help contractors remember the specific details from past jobs, allowing them to close more business with repeat customers by quickly quoting them without another visit to the job site.

JUSTIN HANCHER is the marketing manager for HOVER, a mobile platform that lets anyone generate accurate digital 3-D building data by simply taking a few photos with a smartphone. These 3-D models are scaled, accurate, customizable and are changing the way people view and measure properties in industries such as home improvement, property management and insurance. For more information, visit www.hover.to.